Captain's Log
21 March 2000

West of Port Adelaide

Command Day elections were held yesterday morning and judging from the noise levels of cheering and applause this youth crew were rearing to go. There was a problem though – no wind. Problems such as this require desperate measures and the presence of the infamous ‘Brother Nutsie’ was requested. Ever reliable, Brother Nutsie proved his powers with a demonstration of levitation and then set about to make contact with the Wind Gods. It seemed to work as quite soon afterwards a 20kt sou’easterly blew in and we were good to go.At 1400 I handed the ship over to the youth crew and immediately afterwards the staff crew ran to the side and dived into the sea. Mixing it with Great whites seemed a better option. With the staff coaxed back onboard the youth crew set about making preps to get underway. In less than an hour the anchor had been weighed and the ship was broad reaching to the north under full sail. The favouable winds would mean a very short Command Day so delaying tactics were required. A search and rescue mission was ordered 50 nm to the SW.The crew responded very well to the ’emergency’. The ship tacked a number of times during the night and everything is going well thus far. The crew are tired but happy.Our objective is tantalizingly close now. However, being to windward, hard work and good sailing skills are still required to get there on time. I hope the wind holds out. Once we get to the anchorage we will all proceed ashore for a sports afternoon and BBQ.


34° 55' South / 138° 14'


Temp 20, Wind 090/10kts, Course 020/3kts, clear skies, sailing close hauled 10nm west of Port Adelaide.