Captain's Log
16 June 2013

Welcome to Brisbane

Ahoy there Shipmates, Wow what a day has been had by all. The last full day on the voyage has been a massive day packed full of fun activities. It all started at 0530 with the staff slowly waking up and making preparations for weighing anchor from perfectly named Mud Island. They Youth Crew were awoken by Tim at 0615 and kicked into the morning routine like old shipmates do. Laughing and joking through showers and breakfast, with a constant vibe of good humour and willingness to contribute. Once the anchor was away and the ship was making its way to river gate marina we conducted a snappy morning brief up on the bridge and then the Youth Crew were away in a blur of cleaning fury. The staffies continued to make preparations to come alongside the marina and soon enough the ship was ready in all respects and we berthed port side to the wharf for the first time in ten days. We welcomed our guests for the half day sail onboard and there was a strange feeling of having so many new faces on deck. After ten days with the Youth Crew onboard the staffies and youthies had bonded into a solid unit as one crew. This really became evident as we sailed away once more with the guests being shown the ropes by all as they laughed and joked throughout the day. Sadly there was not a great deal of wind and try as we might to find a profitable breeze we were soon reduced to motoring the majority of the day. We did however make the most of the gorgeous weather and the decks were soon a babble of conversations and jokes. Every time there was a gap in the conversation there seemed to be one of Luke’s helpers standing by with yet another amazing plate of tasty treats to snack upon. All to soon the day was at an end and we had to say farewell to our new friends and wish them a safe onward journey. The Youthies then had a massive afternoon of making the ship, ship shape and Bristol fashion once more. With three yards to harbour furl, end of voyage de-briefs and a final round of rope races to be had all to soon it was time for a snappy pizza for dinner and then onto the nights activities. We enjoyed a slideshow that the Youth Crew had prepared on their command day which was a great way to sumarise the last 10 days. Afterwards the entire crew kicked into some post voyage admin before finally turning in exhausted after such a busy day. Until tomorrow, glory is fleeting but obscurity is forever CAPT Matt Change is the essence of life, be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become Mark Wolfgang Not all who wander are lost JRR Tolkein


27° 26' South / 153° 6' East


Wind: Nil\r\nSwell: Nil\r\nAlongside Rivergate marina