Captain's Log
16 June 2003

Welcome Aboard!

Situation at 21:00 -At 16:00 this afternoon Voyage 11/03 commenced when YOUNG ENDEAVOUR got underway from Cairns with a full complement of YouthCrew embarked. By 17:30 the Ship was at anchor and the Youth Crew were completing their tour of all of the different spacesonboard. Chef Polly served up a terrific meal before Captain John mustered the Youth Crew for the ‘Welcome Aboard’ talk.Executive Officer Chooka gave a very thorough briefing on the safety harness all personnel wear when working aloft, followed by a chance for each member of the Youth Crew to climb up and over the lower top. All hands were successful in this first challenge of the voyage, and will hopefully continue achieving their goals as thevoyage progresses.Overnight the Youth Crew will have another chance to climb, this time to the T’Gallant yardarm. They will also practise some ofthe more commonly used knots, bends and hitches, as well as completing their full value contract in which they will agree to astandard of behaviour and participation.The Staff Crew for the voyage is made up of Captain John, Executive Officer Paul (Chooka), Navigator Luke, Watch Officer Paige, White Watch Leader Michael (Dutchy), Assistant White Watch Leader Lisa (Diesel), Red Watch Leader Chantal, Blue Watch Leader Sally, Assistant Blue Watch Leader Kate, Chef Chris (Polly) and EngineerSimon (Stewy). YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Staff Crew is made up serving Officers and Sailors from the Royal Australian Navy. They are especially chosen for a posting to YOUNG ENDEAVOUR based upon their professional skills and their ability to work with and relate to young people. They are chosen from every area within Navy and return to the Grey-hulled fleet when their posting is completed.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Brigantine- A ship fitted with two masts and carrying square sails from the foremast and fore-and-aftsails from the stays and mainmast. Yards-Spars that cross the masts and from which square sails are carried.Thought of the day- Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes. Oscar Wilde.Yours, Aye John Cowan, LCDR, RAN


16° 51' South / 142° 52' East