Captain's Log
5 June 2001

Weipa behind, Groote ahead

We’re getting a good blow at the moment which is giving us great sailing but a few sickies at the same time. They’ll get better by tomorrow. It’s Tuesday and we’ve just had one of the biggest days of the Voyage. We left the comfort of Weipa Harbour and headed out to sea after lunch so that the YC could do some sail handling and deck safety. The YC seem like a great bunch and are getting on together really well. Tonight we’ll tack for the first time at night and settle into our first night at sea which will include steering, climbing and keeping lookout.The sea is pretty bumpy out here but we are making great speed and we should arrive off Groote Eylandt by ThursdayStay tunedAndrew Davis


12° 55' South / 141° 30'


Current situation at 1800: At sea in the Gulf of Carpentaria, heading south west towards Groote Eylandt. Temp 26C, wind Sou'west at 25-30 knots.