Captain's Log
V05B/15 - Passage Five - Part B
8 August 2015


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 6 of our voyage. As forecast the weather deteriorated overnight and this morning we woke to strong 20-25kt winds with an unpleasant 2m swell. The problem with these winds has been that they have been coming from exactly the direction we want to go so it has meant us ‘beating up wind’ for most of last night and this morning so to keep us out of some very busy shipping lanes I decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and motor sail for a few hours until the weather improves. As I write this log this has already started to occur with the wind now starting to veer and moderate to 17kts so hopefully we should be back under sail within the next couple of hours.As highlighted in tonight’s log given today’s unpleasant conditions we ran a Saturday Routine which gave most of the watches an opportunity to take the morning off and have a well deserved sleep in.Tonight we are back to Red Watch writing the Captains Log and volunteering to write tonight’s addition is Trav. Enjoy!Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain GavCAPTAIN’S LOG – 08 AUG 15Ahoy! Trav hereIs anyone out there?Early this morning we had some eerily dense artic fog with a visibility of only 1000 yards. With large tanker and fishing vessels coming close to us, there was a sense of an uneasy calm as we listened to the deep fog horns surround us.With day break came the warm sun and wind picked up and saved us from the fog, only to betray us with strong winds going the wrong way. Alas no sails and under motor for the rest of the day. But some good news, Capt Gav and the staff gave most of the ship a Saturday morning sleep in, which was a welcome catch up rest, journal entries, washing and taking in the sun.Two voyagers even got a front seat view of the growing waves from the bow sprit, which ended up with drenched clothing and hair however it is an unreal experience and view from the very front of a tall ship! Didn’t see that one coming The rest of 5 Bravo World Voyagers have passed their Phase 2 in Laying Aloft. This means that now we can climb both masts unassisted which was very nice to hear. This will most likely mean just sitting on the bottom top or yard just taking it all in.Its an amazing thought to be sailing in the North Sea where there has been so much naval history, including the Nordic Vikings, Dutch trading, and Germany WWII U-boats. Looking at the navigational charts, there are notations of dangerous areas where there are ship wrecks and unexploded ordinance on the sea bed. I’m just glad to be sailing these seas in this time of peace.The afternoon saw Red, White and Blue watches attempting to make an egg parachute down from lower top in about 20 knot winds, provided lots of entertainment for the voyagers and staff. One egg parachute unfortunately lost its life and now rests peacefully somewhere in the North Sea.  The ship is never short of entertainment!Cheers from RED WATCH 5 BRAVO Letters HomePuneet ajaa ajaa, I hope you got my letters missing you heaps! Guess what my watch does have a back light on in it!! Love you talk soon  AlyceHey fam and friends! Hope you’re all well! Lots of love to Nette hope you are recovering well! ErinHey family, hope all is well back in Aus. I’m finally starting to get over this virus and I’m feeling much better. Mum Marcos the chef made chocolate pudding for dessert tonight so I’m in heaven and have a food coma! Please give luie and rhuby a big hug from me. Missing you guys heaps but I’m also having lots of fun, got to see a dolphin yesterday which was awesome. Can’t wait to tell you all the stories, talk to you soon love Lollie xxxMeine Kleine auchusal shworf! Ich Liebe dich. Ich vermissin dir! I mog di! Gute nacht! I can’t wait until we go to Lake Marry again, just like that last time. I wish you were here baby lamb. I’ll be back in Germany soon so I’ll have a long catch up with you then. All my love, the love of my life. Lock’n’Hock


57 degrees 10 minutes North / 8 degrees 3 minutes East


Currently transiting down the North West Coast of Denmark and experiencing moderate to strong WSW winds with a 1.5m swell. Current speed is 4kts and the temperature is 15 degrees.