Captain's Log
27 August 2015


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day six of our voyage. Well finally the weather has started to improve and with it the spirits and health of our World Voyage Crew. Gone is the seasickness which has now been replaced with smiling faces and healthy appetites.These improved conditions allowed us to reactivate our training program which started straight after morning brief with the completion of our first set of tacks as a crew (alter course by putting the bow of the ship through the wind). Despite this activity being conducted in wet conditions everyone got a trill out of throwing this 240ton ship around in 20-25kt winds in the middle of the English Channel.The rest of the day has been spent with the watches spending time with their Watch Leaders setting and furling sails, bracing the yards and climbing the mast. I was just up on deck and noticed that Blue Watch was just climbing the foremast to witness a beautiful sunset as we now have clear blue skies.Early this evening we altered course to the south and are now making good speed towards the French Coast, the weather is forecast to continue to improve so at our present speed we should still arrive in Brest on schedule at 1000 on Saturday morning.Tonight unlike last night I did have some volunteers to write about their day so please enjoy tonight’s Captains Log written by the members of White Watch. Enjoy!Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain GavCaptains Log 27 Aug 15121 miles from Brest and everyone is eagerly waiting to hug a tree!We are finally, if not slowly, approaching the end of the English Channel, the sea is smoothing out and the weather is getting more and more favourable. People are again starting to turn up for meals as the seasickness of the past few days eases. Poor Marcus, our magnificent Chef maybe thinking that it’s a reflection on his cooking however, that couldn’t be further from the case. Each meal he effortlessly places a five star concoction on the table, an absolute treat!White team are considering starting a shrine for our beloved team leader “Knuckles” whom ever so courageously managed to damage himself whilst untangling a sail for our sakes in the pouring rain whilst blowing a gale. It was really quite impressive to see an elder statesman outshine us all in a show of physical strength and stamina. “Knuckles” also had part of the white team (that had the stomach to do so) climb the mast-climb to watch the first clear sunset of the voyage.During the night we had some massive cargo ships overtaking us as well a mammoth aircraft carrier that really made us feel like small fish in a giant ocean. We also had the privilege whilst watching out for cargo ships and other vessels of witnessing an impressive fireworks display off in the distance on the Isle of White. This may have been the Poms actually celebrating having a nice sunny afternoon in their dreary English summer.Today we got our first real taste of tacking drills in the windy and rainy conditions. Everyone passed with flying colours. When you have almost the whole youth crew heaving in on the Jib it really emphasises the importance of each man/woman on the ship and how much we depend on each other.A special mention to Rowan aka “the kiwi turbo” from white watch who seems to have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm not only for any drill or task but he also takes the time to help those in need whether it be to assist with a task or provide comfort for those struggling with sea sickness – but seriously, we may have died without you!Just a quick hello to my family and friends back in Australia – its only taken 3 days but I’m finally starting to get over my sea sickness – I think (Bob from white watch)And another quick hello to my favourite oldies Rosie and Poppa – I love you both lots and am thinking of you (Love from your favourite grandchild Vita xx)!


49 degrees 22 minutes North / 3 degrees 17 minutes West


Currently located 100nm to the north west of Brest and experiecing moderate WSW winds with a 1m swell. Our current speed is 6kts and the temperature is 15 degrees.