Captain's Log
25 August 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,This morning dawned cold but fine with the Ship still being battered by a 3m swell and a moderating south westerly wind. Following morning brief and a very quick set of cleaning stations (snappy hour) the YC were stood down for the rest of the forenoon to gain some much needed rest. The conditions overnight had not been pleasant and the majority of the YC were still battling through the effects of seasickness. Following lunch the weather had abated enough to conduct another set of rope races (included in this event was a race between the watches to eat a full tub of ice cream and 3 hot chillies) with White Watch being the eventual winners of this very humorous event. I had planned to conduct demonstrational tacks late this afternoon but by this stage the wind had moderated to less than 5kts which made tacking YE under sail near impossible. Given these conditions I initiated a Man Overboard Exercise (MOBEX), which besides providing valuable training for the Staff Crew, it also gives the YC an appreciation for the quick responses required by all crew to quickly hand in all sail, manoeuvre the ship and recover a person from the water. On completion of this exercise, afternoon tea was served which consisted of a large batch of scones expertly cooked by our multi skilled Bosun Jase. These scones were quickly devoured by all of the YC who have miraculously found their appetites since the weather has improved. At the moment we are just south of Port Stephens making good ground towards Broken Bay were we plan to anchor early tomorrow afternoon.Highlights for today have been: everyone recovering from seasickness, being able to eat Sammi’s great food again (and keep it down), sightings of more whales, having dolphins swim around the ship and sighting a manta ray doing a back flip.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav     


32°55's / 152°13'e


Currently 10nm to the SE of Port Stephens and experiencing very light 3-5kt SE winds with a 2m SW swell.