Captain's Log
5 August 2003

We Can Take on Anything

Situation at 20:00: Over the course of command day the Youth Crew achieved the majority of the tasks they were assigned and were successful inarriving at their destination within one minute of the designated time. They used teamwork, cooperation and a healthy dose of humour to successfully sail the Ship from Noosa to Caloundra. They encountered winds varying from 0 knots up to 25 knots, coming from virtually all points of the compass. It truely was a great effort on their part and they are to be congratulated for their perseverance and adaptability.At 08:00 the Ship arrived at the waypoint at Caloundra. A short change of command ceremony was held, followed by a shortenedversion of morning brief. The long pilotage through Moreton Bay commenced while the Youth Crew were below at happy hour. The Bluewatch were once again the victors in today’s episode of rope races, but tomorrow’s session will determine the winners. The forenoon was purposly not very busy so that the Youth Crew had a chance to catch up on some of the sleep they missed during command day.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR anchored at Brisbane Roads at 13:30 and the command day debrief started shortly thereafter. This is an importantpart of the command day experience and is a frank and open analysis of what occurred during the period the Youth Crew were in charge of the Ship. The debrief is facilitated by the Staff Crew with the YouthCrew divided into three groups. The aim is to determine if there any lessons learned that they can take away and apply in their everyday lives in order to make a positive difference. The debrief proved to be a very insightful and valuable experience with very good participation by all hands.The Ship’s concert has just finished and my sides are still sore from laughing. Each watch, as well as the Staff Crew, performedorigional acts and showed considerable talent and imagination. A special well done to Charlie and Rina for the terrific singing.Overnight the Youth Crew will keep anchor watches. Tomorrow will be another very busy day with an early start so some extra sleep tonight will be appreciated.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship’s hull is made of steel and the decks are of teak laid over marine plywood. All spars aremade of estruded aluminum with stainless steel fittings. The standing rigging is steel wire rope and the running rigging consists of various types and sizes of man made synthetic lines.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Braills- lines rigged horizontally across the main sail (spanker) and used to assist in furling the sail similiar to the buntlines on the square sails. Dolphin Striker- A spar extending vertically beneath the bowsprit and providing leverage to increase the downwards pull of the Bobstay. This serves to helpmaintain tension in the fore-and-aft rigging.Thought of the day: My grandfather once told me there were two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. He told me to try and be in the first group, there was much less competition. Indira Gandhi.Yours, Aye John CowanLCDR, RAN Hi Maleny and everyone reading, plus my Nanna and Poppa. Well our time is nearly up here on the Young Endeavour but I am having so much fun. After Command Day yesterday I feel that the group we have here can take on anything that the East Coast wants to dish out to us. There is such a sense of achievement on this ship, which I knoweveryone here has felt at some stage during this voyage. It has been such a learning curve and I have met so many different people that I will never forget, though I have not forgotten you all at home. Twomore days to go then back in Maleny and back to school. I don’t want to leave this ship or the people but it is also time to come home, so see you all soon. xxoo LauraHey Mum, Dad, Amy and everyone back home. Well its been an interesting voyage. I think we’ve all learnt different things aboutourselves and we’ve all met some wonderful people. The youth crew is pretty close and most feel comfortable expressing themselves in front of the group which really helped on command day. I’m having a really good time and even though I’m looking forward to coming home it’s going to be sad to leave all the friends I’ve made. So I guess I’llsee you all when I get back on Friday. Bye BrydenHello Mum Dad, everyone else. Life aboard the young endevour so far has been exilerating, challenging, funny and enjoyable. I’ve learnt an unbelievable amount of things about sailing a sqaure rig, and my knowlege and that of my fellow sailers was recently put to the teston command day, which turned out to be very interesting but successful twenty four hours.Two days to go. Bye TomG’day everyone family,friends,BYA and erko workers. Having great fun on board the Young Endeavour.I have learnt many new things while on board and have built up my self confidence, gained more responsilityfor myself. It has been an exilerating experience and I can honestly say that my life wont be the same when I continue on with it when I return home. With all the new things I have learnt and achived whileon board it will give me a major boost to reality and how I will cope with it all. I told my self I couldnt climb the rigging but then I was told and encouraged by one of the staff members that if I dont put an effort in to anything I will never make it, and that I will never forget that I did end up making it up the rigging.bye from Karen


27° 17' South / 153° 10' East


At anchor at Brisbane Roads. Wind: Nor'East at 12 knots, Cloud:5/8, Temp:15c