Captain's Log
12 July 2017

Watsons Bay to Sea

The crew were woken by Sailmaster Adam at 0630 and invited on deck for an early morning activity prior to breakfast. At 0800 we observed the Naval ceremony of Colours, after which we had our first morning brief. This was the Sailmaster’s opportunity to tell us of his ‘Plan for the Day’, we were introduced to ‘Salty the Seadog’ and some other regular speakers at the morning brief.At 0930 we kicked – off the Harness and Climbing brief, after which the Youth Crew climbed to the Top Gallant yard at the top of the foremast, 30 metres above the main deck. This was done individually by watches in breezy and showery conditions. Whilst not everyone made it to the top, everyone had ‘a good go’. There will be plenty of time during the voyage for everyone else to achieve that.After lunch we had a visit from ‘Captain Safety’, who gave the Youth Crew a presentation on the location and use of the Ship’s embarked safety equipment.We weighed anchor and departed the harbour at 1400 and commenc d our passage northwards.The Youthies practiced setting and furling the Staysails until 1600 when we set the Jib and the Mainsail. We then undertook a couple of Tacks for which the crew goes to Tacking Stations. This activity involves altering course and putting the wind on the opposite side of the Ship and adjusting the sails accordingly.After dinner the youth crew commenced bridge watches, which will continue through the night. They will be responsible for steering the Ship, conducting lookout duties and conducting engineering rounds. These activities will be directed by Staff Crew Watch Leaders. It is intended to continue on passage northwards through the night.Until tomorrow.Yours aye, Captain Mike


33 32.5' S / 151 32.1' E


Passing Showers, Wind: SE 16 in, Swell: 1.0 m from SE, Temp: 11 deg C