Captain's Log
3 August 2003

Watching the Sunrise

Situation at 20:00: Overnight the Youth Crew were able to climb aloft and practise their hand at casting loose gaskets on the square sails. They also completed several watch-on-deck games that helped pass the time.Early morning activity was conducted in brisk temperatures, which helped to shake out the cobwebs and start the bloodcirculating. At morning brief, the Salty Sea Dog described the nautical origins of the saying ‘A son of a gun’. She was ablyassisted in this by several of the Staff Crew. Engineer Stewy did his usual good job in returning gear he had found sculling, but Captain John stood in for him as the celebrity song leader. Happy hour wasfollowed by the mid-voyage talks. The Watch Leaders facilitate this activity which is a chance for the Youth Crew to let the Staff Crew know how they see the voyage is unfolding. The Youth Crew are able tooffer suggestions on how to improve the youth development program, which is a valuable means of ensuring that we remain relevant to our cliental’s needs. Chef Polly served up an early lunch so that theYouth Crew could be ferried ashore by 13:00.When the Youth Crew were all gathered on the beach, Captain John briefed them on their command day mission. They are to takecommand of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR tomorrow at 08:00 and sail her to Caloundra, arriving there at 08:00 on Tuesday. Along the way they have been given several tasks to complete and waypoints to pass through. Their aim is to achieve as many of these tasks as possibleand still arrive at the destination on time. After the command day brief the Youth Crew held their elections to determine who would fill the various positions. By 17:30 all hands were back onboard and readyto hoe into the Barbeque Chef Polly has spent the afternoon Crew formally announced the results of their elections. Well done to Captain Sean and his crew of intrepidmariners.The Youth Crew are busy planning their route and organising their watches for tomorrow. They have been given a three hour windowwhere the Staff Crew are available to answer all their questions.Overnight they will keep anchor watches as they continue to plantomorrow’s events.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship is fitted with two bronze saluting cannons. These fire blank 12 gauge shotgun shells and make a resounding bang. They are used on ceremonial occassions and when scaring off pirates from other tallships.Thought of the day: The three hardest tasks in the world are neither physical feats nor intellectual achievements, but moral acts:to return love for hate, to include the excluded, and to say, ‘I was wrong.’ Sidney Harris.Yours, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RANA special hello to my Mum, family and Klint. We are having an absolute ball on the ship. We went ashore at Noosa today and arefinally getting over our bouts of seasickness. My watch (go the bluies) climbed to the top gallant yard to watch the sunrise this morning. How amazing. I can’t believe it’s nearly over. Liza from Kynuna, NW Queensland. Hey everyone. We went swimming whilst at Noosa today which was great. We have seen heaps of dolphins playing near the ship. It is such an amazing view from the top of the mast (even if I was holding on so tight my arms were hurting). Talk to you all in a few days. I am having the most wonderful time.Mana, Sydney


26° 22' South / 153° 6' East


At anchor off Noosa. Wind: Sou'East at 12 knots, Cloud:1/8, Temp:15c.