Captain's Log
5 May 2013

Voyage 7/13 Day 8 – Command Day Part 1

Ahoy there Shipmates,After a restful night at anchor at Mooloolaba, the crew were awoken by Sail Master Matt at 0630 and mustered on deck for an early morning game of ‘Evolution’ to get the body and mind started. We then dined on another of Squizy’s delicious breakfasts of fresh fruit, cereals, yoghurts and the choice of hot fresh-baked cheese & bacon or cheese & vegemite scrolls.The 0800 Morning Brief included a story from Navigator Tim about the adventures of the famous Portugese Navigator Ferdinand Magellan and ‘Salt Dog’ Paul spun a ‘dit’ including a dramatisation depicting the origin of the Naval expression ‘son of a gun’.Then my Staff Crew and I got dressed-up in our best boardies and conducted the handover ceremony at which I handed Young Endeavour over to Captain Rex and his able-bodied crew to use for Command Day to achieve their tasks and most importantly to have fun! On completion my crew and I all jumped over the side and swam towards the beach – the expressions on the youthies’ faces were priceless!Until tomorrow at 0900 when the adventure of Command Day draws to a close!Yours AyeCaptain Mike————————————————————————————————– Ahoy there family and friends,After taking control of the Ship at 0900 the Youth Crew Captain and Navigator tasked the new Watch Officers and Leaders to simultaneously build a rope hammock and send a shore party of 6 to claim a section of beach in our name and get as many volunteers as possible to sing the national anthem to be broadcast over the ship’s PA system.The rope hammock was very successful, holding all of the Youth Crew off the deck. We got the entire crew up the foremast for a group photo.Anchor was weighed at 1630 by staff crew who then drove the ship under engines for 15 minutes after which the Youth Crew realised the ship will sail much faster with sails up. By 1700 we had enough sails up to attempt a tack. At 1900 we had finalised the tack and finally got to dinner.At the change of watch at 2000 we made a successful two watch tack and are preparing for some more watch handover tacks.Until tomorrow,Youth Captain Rex      “  


26° 41' South / 153° 12' East


Weather - partly cloudy with the occasional shower, Wind SSW at 15 knots, swell ESE at 0.5 metres and temperature 18 deg. C