Captain's Log
20 April 2013

Voyage 6/13 Day 6 – Port Stephens to Sea

Ahoy there Shipmates,Overnight the ship remained at anchor sheltering in Port Stephens with the Youth Crew keeping anchor watches. The wind gradually abated to under 20 knots from the west by 0700.Wakey Wakey was at 0630 and the plan was to weigh anchor after morning brief and knock over some more of the practical activities that need completing before we will be ready to do Command Day. The forecast wind and swell conditions were going to make this difficult but, as always, it is worth actually sticking your nose out of the sheltered harbour and having a look for yourself. Morning brief was held at 0800 and we sang a song for birthday girl Kate. Squiz also baked her a delicious cake which we all enjoyed in the afternoon. We weighed anchor at 0830 and proceeded to the entrance to Port Stephens. Inshore we found quite benign conditions quite suitable for what we needed to do. The only real challenge was the driving rain in the passing showers. Everyone’s wet weather gear got a good work-out.After completing rotational tacks, where the watches experience what the others do at Tacking Stations, they did some further consolidation with their watch leaders and then stopped for lunch.In the afternoon we picked a gap in the showers and held demonstrational tacks. That is where we get three people at a time from each watch up to the bridge and I explain to them how we tack and wear the Ship, the orders that are given and by whom.During the late afternoon the wind backed more southerly and that combined with the southerly swell made for some serious pitching and rolling. Some of the youth crew suffered from sea seasickness in the conditions and had to be put to bed. When the wind strengthened to over 25 knots it was necessary to furl the Jib as it approached the maximum apparent wind speed of the sail. During the middle watch it was necessary for White Watch to brail the Mainsail and furl the Fore staysail and the Main staysail. That was a challenge with their reduced numbers, but they did a great job!The intention is to remain at sea overrnight in the approaches to Port Stephens, our intended anchorage for tomorrow, to enable the youth crew to gain more practical navigation experience and to continue the adventure that is Young EndeavourUntil tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Mike “ 


32° 41' South / 152° 21' East


Wind 16 Knots southerly, swell 2.5 metres from the south, temp 17 deg. C