Captain's Log
19 November 2008

Voyage 18/08 Underway

Ahoy Shipmates, Welcome to Voyage 18-08 from Melbourne to Adelaide. Today’s voyage began with a welcome to the new Youth Crew and a large number of family and friends who had gathered to farewell us from our berth at the Workshop Pier, Williamstown. With family, friends and well-wishers farewelled, the lines were cast off at 1545 and Young Endeavour completed the short 30 minute passage over to Hobson’s Bay, coming to anchor at 1615. During the passage the YC undertook ship safety, ship familiarisation and participated in a series of ice breaker activities which give the new crew an opportunity to get to know each other. By the time these activities were completed Chef Chad was ready to serve dinner. On the menu for this evening was pumpkin soup, roast beef, smoked salmon fettuccine, lasagne and for desert, Pavlova. On completion of this fantastic dinner everyone was mustered on deck so that both the Sail Master and I could give our individual welcome briefs. At the moment we are just commencing safety aloft procedures which will be followed by first night climbs and it is hoped that tonight everyone will achieve climbing to the topgallant yard (highest yard). Besides completing first climbs of the mast tonight the Watch Leaders will also take the opportunity to sit down with their watches and complete their ���Full Value Contracts��. These contracts are designed for the watch to agree on collective goals for the voyage and to highlight things that they would like to see and things that they wouldn’t. As you can see today’s program is very full and I am sure that by day/nights end it will be a very tired Youth Crew that turn in for their first nights sleep onboard Young Endeavour. As my services are now required on deck I had better finish here, so until tomorrow take care. Yours AyeCaptain Gav


37° 51' South / 144° 55' East


Currently at anchor in Hobson's Bay (not far from Station Pier) and experiencing moderate SW winds with a .5m swell.