Captain's Log
14 September 2013

Voyage 15-13 Commences

Hello everyone,Welcome to Voyage 15/13 and Young Endeavour’s second voyage of our southern program. Our journey starts in Melbourne and will conclude in 6 days time in Hobart. We have a magnificent tall ship, wind for our sails, the unpredictable Bass Strait to challenge us and the spectacular Tasmanian Coast to explore. The potential is limitless and sense of adventure is infectious. I would like to introduce the Team of Staff Crew that will facilitate this voyage of adventure:Captain – GavSail Master – GuvNavigator – AdamWatch Officer – JenBoats Officer – JordoRed Watch Leader – DaveWhite Watch Leader – DougyBlue Watch Leader – SandyChef – HaydenEngineer – MickVoyage Fifteen officially commenced at 0800 today when the Returnee Youth Crew joined Young Endeavour berthed alongside at the Workshop Pier in Williamstown. Once all gear had been stowed, everyone mustered on deck for my welcome address and staff introductions. Once complete we said our farewells then commenced a safety brief and some ‘ice breaker’ activities.At 1000 in front of a very large crowd of well wishers our lines were cast off and we departed our berth then proceeded out into Port Phillip Bay in company with the other seven Tall Ships which have been participating in the Melbourne International Tall Ship Festival. Once in open water we formed up astern of each other then proceeded to conduct a spectacular Parade of Sail down to the south of Port Phillip Bay to the township of Rye.During this Parade of Sail we were surrounded by spectator craft and all of the Returnees got to experience the excitement of sailing in company with other Tall Ships. During this passage we continued with the training program refreshing the memories of the Returnees with some sail work and tacking drills.On completion of these drills all sail was handed in and due to the light and variable conditions we had to motor the final 15nm to our planned anchorage at Rye. Once at anchor I gave my Captains chat then we went straight into first night climbs. This activity was completed by 2200 and with everyone safely back on deck the first days program was successfully completed.The time is now 2200 and our Young Endeavour Returnees have just turned in for a well deserved good nights sleep.Tomorrow morning we will depart our anchorage and again proceed in company with the other Tall Ships out through the Port Phillip Bay Rip and into the infamous Bass Strait.Until Tomorrow, Take CareYours Aye Captain Gav     “ 


38° 21' South / 144° 46' East


Currently at anchor just of the township of Rye and experiencing light NE winds with nil swell. Current temperature is 11 degrees.