Captain's Log
V 06/16
22 March 2016

VOYAGE 06/16 DAY 3 – TUE 22 MAR

G’day Shipmates,

Welcome to day 3 of our adventure under sail. The ship continued sailing north overnight along the NSW coast on a quartering run on the starboard tack, with the Topsail square sail and the Fore Staysail and Main Staysail fore-and-aft sails set. The wind remained southerly at 15 – 20 knots and a 1.5m south-easterly swell was experienced for most of the night. The rolling motion this generated did not deter our Youth Crew who remained immersed in the challenge of sailing a tall ship.

The usual at-sea Wakey-Wakey call was made at 0700 and Matt played a Jack Jones song over the broadcast to wake the crew from their slumber. That was followed by breakfast and then Morning Brief, at which Salty shared with us the story of the origin of the nautical term shit (Store High In Transit) an abbreviation used to label boxes that contained a cargo of manure to be transported by sea. After Happy Hour Matt gave a briefing on the procedures for setting the Mainsail, after which we set the Main, followed by the Jib. The Topsail was then clewed-up and we sailed on a quarter run on the fore-and-aft sails. In the 18 knots of wind being experienced we managed a consistent 5 knots of boat speed. This resulted in less rolling and a more comfortable motion. Most of the ‘sickies’ started to surface to get some fresh air and participate in the setting and furling practice.

We cycled the watches through lunch, starting at 1115 and then from 1230 gave the crew some down time for an hour. At 1330 the Ship was sent to Tacking Stations in order that the Youth Crew could experience Tacking and Wearing the Ship and what their individual duties entailed. This is also conducted to satisfy me that the crew are capable of altering the course of the Ship during the night, if necessary.

At 1500 I was happy that the Ship could wear and tack competently so the crew then commenced watch on deck duties which continued through the night as we made ground towards Port Stephens. It is intended to anchor there in the morning.

Until tomorrow.

Yours Aye
Captain Mike


33 07.3 S / 152 32.5 E


Wind - South Westerly at 15 knots, swell 1.5 m from the south. Passing heavy showers. Temp 18 deg. C