Captain's Log
29 January 2009

Voyage 03/09 Commences

Ahoy shipmates,Voyage 03/09 Williamstown ��� Hobart commenced today with a welcome to the Youth Crew, family and friends at the Workshop Pier, Williamstown. It was a one of those stifling hot Melbourne days with the temperature peaking at 43c so I was keen to get the voyage underway so that I didn’t have to keep the Youth Crew or guests standing out in this heat any longer than I needed to. By 1545 our last Youth Crew member had joined and following a short farewell, lines were cast off and the ship completed the short passage over to Hobson’s Bay, coming safely to anchor at 1630. During the passage the YC undertook ship safety, ship familiarisation and participated in a series of ice breaker activities which give the new crew an opportunity to get to know each other. Following dinner it was still extremely hot so we decided to have a short swim to cool off prior to commencing the evening’s activities. Once everyone was out of the water and dry, the Sail Master and I conducted our individual welcome briefs and then went straight into safety aloft and first climbs. During the course of the evening the Watch Leaders took the opportunity to sit down with their watches and complete their ���Full Value Contracts��. These contracts are designed for the watch to agree on collective goals for the voyage and to highlight things that they would like to see and things that they wouldn’t. Time is now 2330 and the watches are just finishing of their first climbs. Completion of these climbs marks the end of our training program for today and it is a very weary YC who are now ready turn in for a good night’s rest.Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain Gav


37° 51' South / 144° 55' East


Currently at anchor in Hobson's Bay and experiencing light NW winds.