Captain's Log
20 August 2009

Victoria meets Sea Patrol

Good Evening Shipmates,Another absolutely fabulous day in Young Endeavour. This voyage really has been something else.We weighed anchor immediately after colours (our flag raising ceremony) and we motored 10 nm south into Port Essington to a position 2 nm from the first settlement in the Northern part of Australia, Victoria. The settlement established in 1840 only lasted about tens years having suffered cyclones, malaria and famine. Nonetheless, the remains of the settlement are fascinating and that was todays destination. We were so fortunate that also anchored in the bay was Dion’s old patrol boat and they offered to ferry us all ashore in their jet RHIBs. I think if we had to use our boat we would still be ferrying the crew back onboard. The YC loved the real life ���Sea Patrol’ experience.Showing us around the old settlement was the local head ranger Peter. He provided a fascinating commentary on the history of this short lived settlement.Back onboard (again courtesy of the Navy), we weighed anchor and had a glorious sail up the harbour. Returning the favour to the Patrol Boat crew we had half of them onboard for about an hour and they seemed to have a ball and most managed to get aloft and got involved heaving on the lines with the YC. All up a lot of fun for everybody.We are now sailing in a good breeze into Van Diemen Gulf towards Darwin. We have a big surprise for the YC commencing tomorrow so stay tuned.Below are some words from Spindles, Kelly and Portia.Yours ayeAndrew ���Gunna’ RourkeCommanding OfficerCarpe’ DiemAhoy there, today my anchor watch got the pleasure to wake up the crew by singing our own version of the hokey pokey as we do every morning watch. To Dions delight he had us walking around the deck at 6:30am. It wasn’t long until everyone was awake and craving Chad`s magnificent food. On the menu today was bacon, eggs, pancakes, fruit and much to my request was porridge yumm. After our stomachs were satisfied and happy hour was carried out, we were well on our way to Victoria settlement that not many Australians get to visit. I was excited and privileged to have the chance to see the history of Australia right in front of my very eyes. Little did we know that the staff had arranged a Navy Patrol boat jet RHIB to transport us to the shore.We whacked on our life jackets and boarded the boat, we held on tight as we didn’t know what to expect. To our surprise the boats went alot faster then our usuall 8 person boat. Proof of this was getting soaked from head to toe down the back of the boat, thank goodness I had just put my camera away! We where given a tour from Peter the park ranger. He was kind enough to provide us with morning tea. It was a small pod with a sticky inside called ���tamarind’. There was no preparation needed since it came straight from the land. This was proof that lollies do grow on trees!On our 2 hour hike we got to explore what was left of the settlement. It was amazing to see over 100 year old buildings to have some structure and be in there original position. We don’t know how they did it but they just had to survive.We were greeted on the beach by the navy to take us back to the ship. That really put the icing on top of the cake. With lunch in our tummys we welcomed 12 navy personel from the patrol boat crew Attack Two. It was strange to have other people on the boat besides the Youth crew and staff. We soon put them to work by heaving in on sheets, checking away on buntlines/clewlines and sending them aloft.Looking at them nervously waiting to get their harnesses on and instructions on how to climb, it reminded us all how we felt the very first time we climbed. Scared but excited at the same time. Looking up at them made us laugh to see their faces trying to hold onto no more than 25cm of yard. Shortly after they dis-embarked the ship with our social skills put to good use we gave them one more last AHOY THERE. With all sails set we are now sailing towards our final destination Darwin. We wonder what will be waiting for us around the next corner. Today was an incredible experience and a opportunity of a life time. Words just don’t explain how great it really is so you will just have to wait for us to get home. By Spindles, Kelly and Portia.And a few hellos��_.To Kellys family hi everyone.Spindles. (jess) I’m having a blast it really has been the best trip ever. A big hello to my family. Hi everyone it’s been two weeks since I said goodbye to you all at the airport. Mum give Ellie a big kiss and cuddle from me. I bet she’s getting big and being a pain to the girls. I bet you are loving the bus and Mum and Dayle I will be back. Hi Sash and James; love you all. Just before I go to bed I have to say hi to my Jack; all I have to say is hows the weather? One last person on my list is my friend or should I say fishy friend (Stacey) just keep swimming, I hope you’re happy to know that I’ve seen heaps of fish but not as cool as ours. I’m doing things I never thought I would do. To me it’s a second home. I’ll see you soon but for now I’m still on my big adventure. oh and one more thing, hi to the Normans family can’t wait to see you all. xoxoxoxox


11° 9' South / 131° 47' East


Co 220, Sp 5, Wind 080 Sp 12 kts, Temp 25C