Captain's Log
9 August 2015


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 18 of our voyage. As forecast the wind moderated to less than 10kts overnight which sadly meant that our great run of sailing since departing Brest had come to an end and we had to start a main engine and motor sail so that we could maintain our required speed to reach Tenerife on schedule. Of note we had sailed just over 600nm since departing Brest without the use of an engine which is pretty good.This morning we ran a ‘make and mend’ routine encouraging everyone to take advantage of the fine weather and brilliant sunshine to wash and dry their clothing and air out their sleeping bags which made us look like a laundry ship but now hopefully everyone has some clean clothes.At the moment all of the watches are busy practicing their sail setting and furling in preparations for tomorrow mornings Captains Setting and Furling Drills. This activity is the final assessment prior to the Watch Leaders handing over more of the responsibility of running the watches to the World Voyagers who have already proven that they are well and truly ready to take on these extra challenges.Currently we are located 200nm to the west of Cape St Vincent (Southern Portugal) motor sailing in very light south westerly conditions and the Atlantic Ocean it is very calm.This evening we are back to Blue Watch writing the Log so please enjoy tonight’s edition written by Lewi and Fish (Kerrin).Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain GavCaptains Log 8 September 2015 V06/15Blue watch here, Lewi and Fish driving.The weather gods are not blowing in our favour for sailing, so the sails were furled and the motor engaged to ensure we can arrive in Tenerife on time. On the plus side, this has resulted in glassy seas and wonderful temperatures for lazing about on the deck in our spare time.The morning began with Salty explaining the derivation of the name of Nelson’s Balls (red and green coloured balls each side of the helm). Somehow, a mystical monkey helped Nelson beat Hitler at the battle of Waterloo, and as such has had his temperature reading bits brassed into history. Some of us left feeling a whole lot smarter, and some of us left feeling a whole lot of confusion (Salty included, I think).The egg drop challenge was a success, of sorts. Each watch tried eggcitedly to build a device to safely lower their fearless, but emotionally disturbed, watch leader egg-avatar from the lower top of the foremast. Part of the eggsperimental creativity was to write an ode to the leaders, describing their descent into madness, while they were eggcelerated (rather rapidly) from the foremast lower top, with a very suspect fall restrain device. None of fearless watch leader eggs made it through, with Dr Nick calling eggsact time of death with great haste (and his wonderful bedside manner to boot). The poems written even brought one watch leader to tears. Unfortunately, no one knows if they were of sadness or laughter.Dr Nick likes any excuse to remove his shirt, so he volunteered to lead a PT class on the upper deck. It was a raging success, with all participants immediately feeling stronger and fitter. This feeling lasted only minutes, however, as the lack of cardio caught up rather quickly, and the rest of the 45 minute session was a tough slog. An optimistic call for volunteers for a follow up session was made.Following this burst of physical activity, the crew were treated to the musical talents of Dan and Dougie, on the guitar and flute, respectively. Both immensely talented, the soothing tones of Dan’s voice helped the burn subside for the short term future. Dr Nick gleefully reminded everyone that the real pain starts 48 hours after exercise (there’s that bedside manner again).Tonight Blue watch will be coached by the irrepressible Horto on the fore-and-aft sails, in preparation for tomorrow’s captain’s challenge, when each watch will be tested on these skills. Knowledge of these sails is vital for us to be able to sail the ship toward our future destinations, and not simply go where the wind takes us (as fun as that could be).From somewhere in the Atlantic,Fish and LewiShout Outs:Fish – Belated fathers day dada. Patrick, look after battlecat for me, will be back soon enough to take the cranky one off you. Kirstin, congratulations on your amazing achievement. Love to you all. Xxxx KerrinBrittney (Rudy) – Hi Mum & Dad, a perfect day for fishing on the water today so thinking of you bulkest  Have had a line out the back for a couple of days on and off and still nothing!!! Hope everything is going well back home, give Holly and Jay my love xx


36 degrees 50 minutes North / 13 degrees 13 minutes West


Currently located 200nm to the west of Cape St Vincent (Southern Portugal) motor sailing in very light south westerly winds with nil swell. Our current speed is 6kts and the temperature is 22 degrees.