Captain's Log
Voyage 18/23
9 October 2023

Day 6 – Jervis Bay to Sydney

Ahoy there friends!

To begin the morning, we indulged in a delicious breakfast of raspberry pancakes and an assortment of other delicacies made by Ash and today’s youthie master chefs.

After morning brief with Chucky and Trev at 09:30, happy hour commenced and everyone enthusiastically participated in cleaning the ship while jamming to some excellent tunes. We then dropped anchor in Jervis Bay to allow handful of youthies and staffies to head ashore to vote in the 2023 national referendum. In their absence, the remaining crew discussed personal future goals to complete during and after the voyage.

At lunch came the difficult choice between meat pies and pork belly, served with a side of salad and wedges. At 13:00, we weighed the anchor and departed Jervis Bay, followed by mid-voyage chats with our watch leaders, Chrissie, Matty and Sumo. Following this, we commenced demo tacks and tried our hands at new skills by rotating positions in our watch groups. Rope races were held shortly after with blue watch (the best watch) narrowly taking the lead.

White watch took over the first dog watch at 1600 which involved climbing the foremast to cast loose the gaskets in order to set the square sails. Captain Mike briefed each of the watched on sail handling theory. Blue watch manned the last watch of the day from 2100-0000, by setting and furling a number of sails, followed by a number of us climbing the foremast.

That’s it for today folks, tune in tomorrow for the next update.

Signing off for the night, Maddie and Is.

Thank you Maddie and Is for telling the story of today. Tomorrow morning we will conduct the Captain Setting and Furling assessment of the watches to make sure they are at the required standard to progress to command day, commencing at 0700, and then we will proceed to anchor in Sydney Harbour to prepare for Command Day, which will commence at 1000 on Mon 16 Oct.

Yours Aye, Captain Mike



34 31.0' S / 151 12.4' E


Weather: fine, Wind: South Westerly at 19 knots, 22 deg. C, Sea: South Westerly 1.0 m, Swell: Southerly 1.0 m