Captain's Log
Voyage 18/23
9 October 2023

Day 4 – Anchored in Jervis Bay

Ahoy all land lubbers!

Second nights watch proved just as eventful and gruelling as the first; minor squalls, navigation drills, and foremast climbs proved to be exceedingly challenging among strong winds. The foremast climbs involved the sea furling of all square sails, wherein the Youthies climb the foremast and step out onto the yards in order to gather and tie the sail in place. A sunrise climb by Blue Watch also eventfully brought us in toward Jervis Bay. 150 Nautical miles south of Sydney.

After near 48 hours of continuous sailing, we laid anchor in Jervis Bay. Jervis Bay being well known for its beautiful beaches and stunningly white sand. After the happiest hour anyone has ever spent at sea (cleaning), the Youthies were rewarded with a bay swim off the deck. The swim involving jumps off the bowsprit and a rope swing from the course yard (many attempted backflips included).

After a delicious lunch, the Youthies were taken out to the shore itself – our first breath of land in three full days. Many previous grim and green faces now donned a rosy hue and a toothy grin as we took in the surroundings. With beach volleyball, seaweed wigs and body surfing underway, a particular group of Youthies set about a mission. Dig as many holes as possible; and connect them. This mission soon amassed a following of half the youth crew all frantically digging tunnels to create a specially sandy subway.

By 16:00 the Youthies were to set back to the Young Endeavour. This entailed a rocky rubber dinghy ride captained by Salty Seb, leaving much of the now dry Youthies as sodden as fish. After the sand, salt, and sunscreen, the Youthies took part in an impromptu mass washing – plastering the bow and aft rails with hanging clothes.

Given the weather, dinner was had on deck with an amazing barbeque steak out prepared by Chef Ash, Chief Engineer Mick, and the young Master Chefs. Following dinner the Youthies took part in bonding activity called ‘3 Way Chatz’. This involved being in groups of three and being tasked to ask questions about each other’s lives before performing in front of the full crew as a randomly assigned group member; with each performance ending with charades of the youth crew’s favourite movies books, and shows.

Before settling in for a much needed sleep. The Youthies learnt the process of anchor watches that were to be carried out through the night. As opposed to watches at sea, anchor watches are composed of three youth crew members entrusted with keeping watch in one hour stints, conducting rounds and checking the anchor to make sure it is not dragging. On watch Staff Crew periodically fix the Ship’s position to confirm we have not dragged.

Shout out from Inez: Happy belated birthday Papi, hope you had an amazing day!

Shout out from Dani: Happy belated birthday Jayd Ellison! Love you!

Written on behalf of all Youthies, signing off for the night; Georgia Spiropoulos of Red Watch, Taylor Smyth of Blue Watch, and Arkady Walker of White Watch.

Good evening Friends and Family, thank you Georgia, Taylor and Arkady for your narrative of today’s hectic program of activities.  We anchored in the southern end of the Bay in anticipation of the forecast ‘Southerly Buster’, which passed over us at 1930. The wind backed from the northerlies we had experienced all day to the south and strengthened to 30 knots briefly and has now eased to 10 knots. The plan is to remain at anchor here overnight and weigh anchor tomorrow during the Forenoon Watch, conduct some more tacking practice inside the Bay, before commencing our northerly passage to Sydney.

Until tomorrow, Yours Aye, Captain Mike



35 07.7' S / 150 43.3' E


Weather: passing showers, Wind: Southerly at 10 knots, 15 deg. C, Sea: 0.5 m, Swell: Nil