Captain's Log
Voyage 18/23
9 October 2023

Day 1 – Embarkation alongside in Newcastle

Ahoy there Shipmates,

The Youth Crew for Voyage 18/23 joined Young Endeavour alongside at the Tug Wharf in Newcastle, NSW, at 1515 on Mon 09 Oct. Once they had stowed their bags below we gathered together at midships and I made a welcoming speech and then introduced the Staff Crew as follows:

Myself – Captain Mike, Sail Master – Charles, Navigator – Trev, Watch Officer – Seb, White Watch Leader – Matty, Red Watch Leader – Christine, Blue Watch Leader – Sumo
Engineers – Mick and Sumo and Chef – Ash.

We then farewelled friends and family and the Youth Crew were given the introductory safety brief covering aspects while the Ship is alongside, undertook a detailed Ship tour and some ‘ice-breaker’ activities on deck to get to know each other. Dinner followed at 1715 and the Youth Crew (Youthies) had their first taste of Ash’s cooking and the impression was a resounding ‘fantastic’.

Due to the lack of suitable anchorages near Newcastle, the intention is to remain alongside the wharf overnight and sail tomorrow morning at 1030 to commence the passage to Jervis Bay. The decision was made to conduct first night climbs after dinner. The Youthies attended a couple of briefs, one from the Engineer on use of toilets onboard, having 90 second showers to conserve fresh water and how to report any defects onboard that they encounter during the voyage, to make sure they get addressed promptly. Then Matty gave the Harness and use of the Young Endeavour climbing safety systems. At 2000 the watches commenced climbing up and over the Top Gallant Yard individually.

While one watch was aloft the other two watches practised Deck Safety and completed their Full Value Contracts between the Youthies and the Staffies which documented the things they wanted to achieve during the voyage, whilst also recording the things that they didn’t want to happen.

All watches had completed the first night climbs by 2300 and the Youthies were then sent to bed, noting the plan is to get everyone up at 0630 in the morning to get the final activities done in order to enable us to sail mid-morning and commence the passage to Jervis Bay. It is a relatively short passage by typical voyage standards and with the forecast tail headwinds for most of the voyage we expect to make good speed.

You will hear from me tomorrow also, before I hand the Log writing to Youthie volunteers.

Yours Aye, Captain Mike



32 55.5' S / 151 47.2' E


Weather: fine, Wind: North Easterly at 10 knots, 19 deg. C, Sea: Nil, Swell: Nil