Captain's Log
Voyage 17/23
30 September 2023

Day 5 – Reaching New Heights!

Ahoy there landlubbers, armchair sailors and salty sea pups in training! Welcome to the Captain’s Log for Day 5!

After a night of quick anchor watches shared between all the Youthies, we were awoken by the song ‘Here comes the Sun’ in the early hours of the morning. We then met on the upper decks for EMA, followed by a delicious breakfast of BBQ wraps made by Cheffo Ash & Shaun.

Later we huddled on the port side of the Bridge for our Morning Brief featuring ‘The plan for today’ with Chucky, ‘Getting shipshape with salty Charlotte’ and ‘Weather with Trevor’. We then got straight into Happy Hour, which today included making sure the cannons were ready for our very special guest arrival from Zimbabwe! (Welcome on-board Watch Leader Christine!)

We then had our first Navigation Brief with Big Trev, where he taught us how to chart, and understand dead reckoning and all other aspects of navigation and chartwork.

We then jumped into some more Rope Races! This round consisted of locating all the sheets and yards of the ship and a bonus round that showed off some hidden Youthie talents. In the end we had a close call in scores but Blue Watch is strongly holding #1. (But not for long!)

After Rope Races, we headed straight into some deck games, which got very competitive. Once the deck games were over, it was time to go for a climb! We all got suited up in our harnesses and headed aloft for some beautiful golden hour shots of the Youthies on the yards! We’re happy to report not a single Youthie was left on deck!

We then got settled in for a buffet of Chinese food for dinner, followed by an Ice cream Sundae Bar prepared by Cheffo Ash (with help from Sara)! After dinner we gathered for Trivia, with genres of: General Knowledge, Science, Food and, Capital Cities and Countries.

It was then time to lay down at midships for a movie under the stars. The movie of the night was ‘Around Cape Horn’ a film made in the 1920’s about a ship sailing around Cape Horn.

After the movie it is back into our anchor watches as we stay another night in lovely Coffs Harbour.

  • Britt & Brodie xx


30 18.5'S / 153 08.8'E


Sunny, Wind N-NE 10-15Kts, Swell E >1m