Captain's Log
Voyage 17/23
6 October 2023

Day 11 – Farewell New Friends!

Ahoy there landlubbers, armchair sailors and newly minted salty sea dogs! Welcome to the Captain’s Log for Day 11, the last day of Voyage 17/23! It’s been a wild and thoroughly enjoyable ride, and now here we are at the bitter end. But before I get ahead of myself!

Our Youthies were awoken to a strange sound on their final morning on board. Was it “Rather Be” that Nav Trevor played for Wakey Wakey? No! It was the eerie lack of sound after days of gale force winds howling through the rigging!

Newcastle turned on the weather for our final morning together, so the Youthies welcomed the day with a special EMA. A guest appearance by Nav Trevor saw our salty sea dogs practicing some Young Endeavour inspired dance moves to show off next time they’re on a dance floor. After EMA we all proceeded back below for breakfast and to get ready for a day of fun and farewells. One final Morning Brief later it was time for Happy Hour to make sure our new home was ready to show off to our friends and families when they arrived to welcome us home. Cabins cleaned and ship’s bell shining, our Youthies laid aloft one last time in the tradition of “Manning the Yards”, a show of peace and good will from Tall Ships of yesteryear when entering a new port.

Before long it was time to gather amidships for final farewells and presentations. Once all our newest salty sea dogs had received their certificates there was one left over. The final certificate was the Young Endeavour Award which is presented to the Youth Crew member who most embodied the spirit and ethos of the Young Endeavour. It is my great pleasure to announce Ace as the recipient for voyage 17/23! Congratulations Ace!

After the all-important group photos, it was time for final teary goodbyes and the bittersweet final crossing of the gangway. Thank you to all the Youthies of V17/23! It’s been a grand adventure having you all on board and I hope you’ve had just as much fun as myself and the Staffies! Fair winds and following seas!

That’s all for now but we’ll be right back at it from Monday. Until then, stay safe friends! Captain Libby+


32 55.4'S / 151 47.1'E


Mostly Sunny, Wind S 5-15Kts