Captain's Log
Voyage 16/23
12 September 2023

Day 9 – Ahoy Moreton Bay! (Command Day Part 2)

Good morrow our peoples,

Ahhh Command Day. What a lovely 24 hours it was!! So peaceful, so smooth, so amazing! Kidding! The weather came in clutch, and made us proper sailors, really hardening those now bullet proof shells on our backs. With watches working around the clock to keep the ship upright and in motion strong winds, harsh rain, and sleepy sailors made for a rough journey, but we made it!! And we are all still alive (a good thing!).
We may have missed some way points along the way, but we completed our tasks and navigational course to surpass Staffies standards including an amazing Morning Brief, “chalk mural”, line dance, DIY Hammock, snappy hour and game show. Our very own Cheffos stepped up to create three awesome meals, as well as fulfilling their roles as salty dogs on watch. They created some delicious brownies, which were missed by some as they struggled above decks until well into the night. Morale was kept high though in little laughs here and there through the struggles.

After just one night, we were all walking dead. Upon handing over the ship, the Youth Crew could be found cozied up in their bunks, after last nights ‘getting air’ during sleep. We were then awoken from our naps for Rope Races and a nice surprise to see Moreton Island. We then reflected on the good, the not-so-good, and the takeaways from our arduous Command Day, with lessons learned that will stay with us long after our voyage.
Jumping straight back to the bonus round of Rope Races, the watches were challenged to an egg drop, with only a limited number of materials at hand. Some eggs survived, and some found themselves with mild concussions. The Whities won, albeit somewhat controversially. “It was legit” they claim.
Then a delicious barbeque dinner, with ocean sunset views and a challenging trivia game, with many funky bonus rounds. Allen’s Party Mix won with 48 points all up, but it was fun all round.
It’s now past our bedtime, so goodnight for now as we head into anchor watches.

By Danielle, Freya and Tayah <3


27 09.5'S / 153 21.5'E


Partly Cloudy, Wind SE 10-15Kts, Swell S 1m