Captain's Log
Voyage 16/23
9 September 2023

Day 6 – Fraser Coast (Sea Legs Loading…)

Ahoy there landlubbers and armchair sailors. Welcome to the Captain’s Log for Day 6!

Tomo played a delightful tune at 0700 to wake us all up before we hit the café for breakfast. There we discovered Chef Ash had put together cereal, toast and some delightful muffins that Red watch had cooked at 0200.

We then had Morning Brief at 0900 followed by Happy Hour where we cleaned the entire ship and made it spick and span.

Then we were called up on deck to continue our watches and practice setting and furling of our sails. We then had lunch at 1115 where we found hot dogs and, lamb and gravy rolls that the wonderful Ash cooked with the help of Master Chefs Alana, Elijah and Nicole.

After lunch we continued with some more tacking stations followed by Rope Races at 1300 where Red watch won (of course). Shortly after we had mid voyage chats within our watches where we went over our goals and how the voyage was going so far.

Then we had dinner at 1715 where we had crumbed fish, chips, veggies, pies, seasickness tablets and potatoes. Afterwards most Youthies had a quick nap before continuing with the safe guarding of the Young Endeavour overnight.

That’s all for today folks, stay tuned for tomorrows Captain’s Log!

From Youthies Madi, Lachy and Ben


Another awesome Captain’s Log by our wonderful Youthies! I’m going to be out of a job soon.
I hope you’ve been enjoying following along just as much as our Youthies have been enjoying their voyage! Despite the lumps, bumps and offerings to the sea gods (Raalph and Bleurgh), our brave Youthies have been taking it all in their stride and tackling each challenge that comes their way. I’m very pleased to say that despite the conditions they all made it through the mystery tasks we set them last night and also, the muffins were delicious!
We’re over halfway and just getting to the business end of the voyage so get ready for some more action-packed days ahead! Stay safe friends! Captain Libby+

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford


25 47.2'S / 153 37.7'E


Cloudy, Wind SE 20-25Kts, Swell SE 1.5-2m