Captain's Log
Voyage 16/23
6 September 2023

Day 3 – Lady Elliot Island

Ahoy! And Welcome to Captain’s Log Day 3!

White watch started their day with “Guts” watch from 2345 – 0345 this morning. We had the opportunity to set sails overnight then climb the fore mast at 0230 and take in the view of a very starry sky and dolphins (so some of the boys said…). After handing over, we got to go get another four hours of sleep (!!). The Red and Blue watches kept us safe for the rest of the night <3

The Staffies conducted their Morning Brief where “Oscar” fell overboard during Captain Libby’s inspirational speech. The crew safely got him back on board and set their course again for our mystery destination… Lady Elliot Island! Being the southernmost island of the Great Barrier Reef we were delighted to find out that we would get the opportunity to snorkel here. Creatures that were spotted include turtles, big fish, sharks, whales and dolphins!

After frolicking in the water, we were back on board for a snappy Happy Hour to maintain the ship’s pristine condition. Following Tomo’s approval of our cleaning, Hutchy, “The Man” called the watches for our daily challenges. After a few rounds of testing our knowledge, Hutchy asked for the watches to create a commercial where we had to sell an idea to the Staffies. Red ended up on top with their sunglasses commercial, however we all know that the White commercial on “Why Hutchy is The Man”, was his true favourite.

Before dinner, Navigator Seb gave us an introduction to chartwork and navigation through the use of many interactive techniques. We will use these skills over the next coming days (send help!).
Chef Ash prepared a Mexican fiesta with a cheeky duff to follow.

As the sun set, the anchor was weighed, and the sails were heaved out by the hard working White and Red watches while Blue were getting their shut eye for the Guts watch tonight.

As we write this in the chart room now, we are once again setting sail on the open ocean before we sign off for tonight (well at 2345). To everyone back home, we are all safe and happy and will be back before you know it!

  • Youthies Danielle, Nicole and Henry 😊


24 14.8'S / 152 44.8'E


Sunny, Wind E 5-10Kts, Swell E <1m