Captain's Log
Voyage 15/23
22 August 2023

Day 5 – At Sea IVO Bowen

This morning the Youthies awoke to a rock’n’roll classic, ACDC’s You shook me all night long. Fuelled by a delicious array of fruits and mueslis prepared by Cylvie, we were ready to face the day.

Last night was another rather rough night, motoring with the wind against us and into 2 metre swells. Eventually the wind shifted and Red and White watches were able to set the sails at 0400hrs. Shortly after, White Watch completed a tack by the themselves! Well done White Watch as this usually takes all hands on deck!

At 0900 we met up on the bridge for our morning brief with Tomo and the Staffies. In today’s Chew the Fat with Matt, we learnt about the nautical terms ‘Poop deck’ and ‘Heads’. Seb the Navigator passed on a message from Mother Nature, predicting clear sunny skies but strong winds and swells. Captain Mike finished up the brief with an inspiring quote for the day.

Yesterday we missed Happy hour cleaning so the youthies doubled down today and made sure the ship was pristine. Throughout the day we have been tacking our way down the coast, with all hands on deck. The rough seas have caused several youthies to hit the decks. Our favourite game, rope races, was postponed due to the swell crashing on deck.

Otherwise, the youthies have had a lovely chill day enjoying the sun and watching the whales breaching as we passed by. Some took the opportunity to catch up on some sleep while others played card games and had a yarn down in the Café.

Cylvie cooked up a storm again offering us Bahn Mi’s, creamy ravioli, and bangers and mash. Tonight we are learning the road rules of the sea and polishing up our navigational skills.


Iz – Hi all, having a wonderful time and can’t wait to show you all of the photos I’ve taken 😊

Sophia- Hey Mum, dad and Lewis, so far I haven’t gotten too seasick and I’m having an amazing time! I loved magnetic island yesterday. Give Maggie a pat for me. Looking forward to seeing you again soon xx


19 51.3' South / 148 42.2' East


Weather: fine, Wind: South Easterly at 26 knots, 22 deg. C, Sea 1.0 m from SE, Swell 1.0 m from SE