Captain's Log
Voyage 15/23
22 August 2023

Day 3 – Sea to Magnetic Island

Good evening everyone,

After a long night of broken sleep, the youthies have completed their first overnight watch. We rotated each watch team after 4 hours of steering, taking rounds and keeping lookout. We also got to experience setting up sails and learning the calls. Red watch did a sunrise
climb at 0600.

Youthies awoke to Abba and baked goods, by beautiful Cylvie at 0700. We had our morning brief, by the sail master, store high in transit aka shit (our nautical term for the day), chewing the fat with matt and Seb’s call to mother nature delivering glorious clear skies.
For our mid-morning fun we had rope races!!! The challenge was to identify key features of the boat and calling them out loud and clear. Red watch coming in first, white coming in second and blue lucky last. Then moved onto happy hour making sure our ship is crystal

Next up was our tacking stations as we practised turning the ship with the sails. Once all sails were set we travelled at a whopping 9 knots! The sails were set and controlled by all youthies, until we got close to magnetic island where we have anchored for the night.
We did team building exercises, 3 way chats. We got to listen to each individual in our 3 group and learnt about their life/ story which we then presented to the whole group. The challenge to remember each individuals story in your group as we were unsure on whose
story we were sharing. Following with a game of charades.

Happy 23 rd birthday to youthie Seb, we celebrated together sharing cake (made by Cylvie) – yummy!

To settle into the night we are completing our hour shifts of anchor watch, each watch team will rotate member during the night to complete this.

Sass – Hi Mum, Dad, Aunty Wendy &; Kaydn – challenging myself to make sure I experience everything and testing my limits. Miss you guys & thank you for pushing me to this journey. Hope all is going well xoxo.

Bry – Hey family and friends, missing you heaps, doing so much more than I anticipated but loving every moment. I hope you are all going okay x and love you all. P.S I haven’t thrown up yet.

Sophia – Hi to Mum, Dad, Lewis, Maggie and friends! I’m having a great time and I’m missing you all heaps. I hope everything is going well at home.

Many thanks Sass, Bry and Sophia for writing tonight’s Captain’s Log. Until tomorrow.

Yours, aye Captain Mike


19 06.4' South / 146 51.2' East


Weather: fine, Wind: East South Easterly at 10 knots, 22 deg. C, Sea: Nil, Swell: Nil