Captain's Log
Voyage 15/23
22 August 2023

Day 11 – Arrival Gladstone

Ahoy there Shipmates for the final time this voyage,

Sailmaster Thomo woke the crew this morning at 0630 singing his lovely rendition of ‘To Leave Her’. It was then up on deck for the final early morning activity followed by another of Cylvie’s delicious breakfasts. Bags were packed and then it was morning brief and … you guessed it, Happy Hour, the happiest time of the day! But before that the youth crew did their final outstanding task, which was to sing the National Anthem to a different tune and have the Staffies try and guess the tune. Thomo, who has a real musical ear, was the first to pick it as Waltzing Matilda.

While that was happening the Staffies weighed anchor and Navigator Seb then piloted the Ship to the Gladstone Marina entrance and I took the Ship handling responsibilities from him at that stage and manoeuvred the Ship alongside the Service Wharf at 1000. Once all berthing lines were secured we invited friends and family, who had been waiting on the wharf, onboard for a quick ship tour and then the Voyage Completion Certificate presentation ceremony. I also presented the Young Endeavour Award for Voyage 15/23 to Ryda Deveson for his outstanding efforts and for the support he gave to other youth crew members to help them achieve, throughout the voyage.

It was then time for final farewell hugs as the Youthies received their mobile devices back after an 11 day abstinence! As we say to the youth crew, “You may well now be leaving Young Endeavour, but Young Endeavour will never leave you!”

Farewell Shipmates it has been a pleasure sharing our adventures with you over the duration of the voyage.

Yours, Aye

Captain Mike


23 50.0' South / 151 15.0' East


Weather: fine, Wind: Light & Variable, 25 deg. C, Sea: Nil, Swell: Nil