Captain's Log
Voyage 14/23
14 August 2023

Day 6 – Farewell New Friends! (Community Day Sail)

Ahoy there landlubbers and armchairs sailors! Welcome to the Captain’s Log for Day 6, the final day of Voyage 14/23.

Sail Master Chucky woke us for the final time at 0630 but there was no time for Early Morning Activity and a slow run into the day. It may be our last day but there was another full program ahead!

The Staffies weighed anchor and commenced the pilotage into Cairns as we breakfasted and got ready for the day. After a quick Morning Brief it was time to get stuck into Happy Hour to get our new home ready for the Community Day Sail. While we were working hard, Happy Hour was interrupted by the sighting of a whale and its calf ahead as we proceed down the Cairns channel! Lucky for us they kindly made their way to the side so we could safely pass.

Soon we were back alongside to welcome on board friends from the Clontarf Foundation, then we set off again to the Cairns Harbour limits. Once out on the open water we showed off our new skills setting and furling sails, sharing stories from the last week, and conducting tours of our new home. What had started as a beautiful Cairns day, progressed into a stunning afternoon as everyone on board took part in evolutions, indulged in treats from Chef Ash and enjoyed the sunshine.

All too soon it was time to head back down the channel and into Cairns for the final time. Once alongside we took a group photo and farewelled our new friends. It had been a fantastic day sharing our experiences on board.
Finally, it was time to pack our bags and gather at midships for our own final farewells. There were lots of photos and hugs and handshakes before we crossed the gangway ashore for the last time.


Well, that’s all folks, the end of Voyage 14/23. I would like to thank the Youthies from the Navy Indigenous Development Program and the Australian Navy Cadets for joining us on board, it’s been a truly fantastic week! The Staffies and the Youthies have had a wonderful voyage and I hope you’ve following along with us too!

The Staffies and I will now be hard at work preparing for our next voyage from Cairns to Gladstone.
We’ll see you again on Tuesday. Until then, Stay safe Friends! Captain Libby+


16 55.7'S / 145 46.8'E


Sunny, Wind SE 0-5Kts, Swell S >0.5m