Captain's Log
Voyage 14/23
14 August 2023

Day 4 – Hands to Tacking Stations!

Ahoy! And welcome to the Captain’s Log for Day 4! I hope you landlubbers and armchair sailors are enjoying following along as much as we’re enjoying the voyage!

Day 4 dawned bright and beautiful over the Great Barrier Reef. Overnight we transited out of the Grafton Passage to the Outer Reef, North to the Trinity Opening, then back in before heading North-West towards Port Douglas. We learned a lot on our watches throughout the night and successfully kept the ship safe!

We were treated to a slight sleep in (0700), then stuck straight into our normal morning routine of breakfast and Morning Brief. At Morning Brief Sail Master Chucky told us of the busy day ahead, Nav Trevor promised another beautiful tropical winter’s day and, Watch Officer Charlotte shared a salty tale about the origins of “Turning a Blind Eye”. After Happy Hour there was a short amount of time to enjoy the sunshine on the deck whilst others lay aloft to let loose the gaskets on the Main Sail, then it was time for lunch.

After Chef Ash and today’s Master Chefs Will, Tayeisha and Tyrell treated us to a Salad Bar lunch we headed back up on deck for a Main Sail brief with Chucky. The Main Sail brief kicked off a flurry of activity for the afternoon. We then set the Main Sail and the Jib in preparation for… Tacking Stations! We closed up to our positions and turned the ship back and forth through the wind with the beautiful Lowe Isles in the background.

Once we had brailed the Main and furled the fore and aft sails, we were treated to some ship handling demonstrations by the Watch Officers on board as they practiced “Man Overboard” exercises. The water was so inviting I think a fair few of us were jealous of the life-ring that got to go for a swim.

As the afternoon drew to a close, we went to anchor off Low Island and enjoyed a teak deck barbeque dinner with a stunning sunset for a backdrop. We then conducted some reflection activities with our Watch Leaders before preparing for Anchor Watches overnight.

Well, that’s all folks! It’s been a long day so we’re going to get some rest so we can get right back to it tomorrow! Captain Libby+


16 22.5'S / 145 33.4'E


Sunny, Wind SE 10-15Kts, Swell S 0.5m