Captain's Log
Voyage 14/22
7 December 2022

Day 5 – Batemans Bay Shore Visit

Ahoy all,

Mitch and Will here on tonight’s Captains log duties.

After what felt like a life time at sea we finally landed in Batemans Bay after a rough two day sail from Deal Island. We started off the day seeing a seal waving at us to anchoring up on the beautiful Batemans Bay.

Afterwards, we then underwent the morning brief, were we learnt some new navigations skills from Evan and did two games of rope races which is apparently a non-competitive/competitive game. This was soon followed by the best lunch from the best chef Jarod before going ‘ashore’ for a swim. After taking some time to reflect about our progress so far, we then headed back to the ship to be greeted by another of chef Jarod’s culinary delights – a teak deck bbq.

With full stomachs and smiles on faces, we then began the happiest hour of the day by being taught some “famous” dance moves from Emma “the 2-6 heave” and the “checking away”.

Once all was settled, we then learnt a bit more about navigation markers and were assigned our anchor watch for the night ahead. Thus, we ended the day with card games, hot milo, heaps of laughs and a stray elf on the shelf.

Will and Mitch – Out