Captain's Log
Voyage 12/23
23 July 2023

Day 6 – Back to Sea

Hey Everyone,

Today we all woke up with full bellies from yesterday’s Christmas feast in the beautiful Horseshoe Bay. After an educational morning briefing learning the origins of port and starboard, as well as a quick clean of the ship, the youth crew embarked to Magnetic Island via the small dinghy.

It was truly amazing finally being on land for the first time in 5 days and we made excellent use of our time: buying souvenirs, coffee, milkshakes, playing cricket on the beach and calling loved ones in the phone booth. Unfortunately, there were no commemorative magnets.

After lunch from our amazing chef, Ash, and a non-competitive (competitive) round of rope races, we departed from Horseshoe Bay. Soon after departing, we completed rotations of tacking and furling, expanding our skillsets by learning the other watches areas of expertise in preparation for Command Day. This was a challenging but rewarding exercise for all Youthies, as we started to take charge of the ship a bit more, through calling commands and working as a team on the Jib sheet. By the time we finished our rotations, a well-earned dinner was being served.

After a quick schnitty and veg, red watch (The ninjas) took the last dog watch. We harnessed up and climbed the foremast to watch the sunset, completing a collective red watch goal. The sunsets at sea are spectacular. As we are writing this, we just finished our climb, are completing our watch duties including taking the helm, writing the log, navigation, look out and rounds of the ship.

We are looking forward to tomorrow, where we select positions for Command Day.

Have an awesome day, knowing we’re all still safe and having heaps of fun.

The Red Ninjas.

Brock – Hey Welhams, still going well. Keep going strong with school, work and tiling. Love you guys, see you soon.

Chris – Hey Dad doing amazing. food is incredible loving the sailing and learning still trying to climb to the top mast comfortably hope all is well.

Robbie – Honestly gutted about the magnet thing.



18 54.2 S / 146 48.0 E


Currently located 15nm to the NE of Magnetic Island and experiencing light-moderate 5-10kt ENE winds with very little swell.