Captain's Log
Voyage 12/23
21 July 2023

Day 4 – A Great Day of Snorkelling and Whales 

Hi Everyone,

Tonight’s Captains Log is by Jess and Flynn from White Watch

Welcome to the fourth day of our voyage. After making anchor last night, the crew began their anchor watches in groups of three, which only lasted an hour per shift and gave us all some much-needed sleep. After this we wanted to start the day with a sunrise climb, however we were unfortunately faced with wind and rain. The weather did not stop us from having a great day and White Watch and friends went for a climb anyway once the rain had cleared.

Happy Hour was next, and then we all gathered on deck for three-way chats. This activity is where we are split into groups of three people to learn about each other. We then pretend to be each other and tell the rest of the crew facts about another person in our trio. It really strengthened our knowledge of everyone aboard Young Endeavour.

Before we sailed away from our beautiful anchorage at Stonehaven Bay, we jumped into the ship’s boat and went for a midday snorkel at a nearby reef. Every watch had close encounters with whales and turtles alike and had a splendid time snorkelling on the reef. On our return we climbed the mast and cast loose the gaskets, then set most of our sails as we departed Stonehaven Bay.

Rope Races followed with everyone’s knowledge improving and the competition is now close between all three watches, with today’s focus being on lines/ropes. An update of scores will be revealed tomorrow. Once finished it was time for another beautiful dinner once again cooked by Ash and her Master Chef disciples. The time is now 1900 and after setting most sails we have settled into our night watches. After a fun and peaceful day, it could be a long night.

Jess (white watch)-Better than I thought it would be.

Flynn (white watch)- I finally cast the gaskets loose!



19 48.5 S / 148 32. 8 E


We are currently located 25nm north of the Whitsunday Islands motor-sailing in light 5-10SE winds with nil swell.