Captain's Log
Voyage 12/23
27 July 2023

Day 10 – Final Night of Voyage 12-23 

Hi All,

Welcome to the last full day of V12/23! There were very mixed feelings as the voyage is coming to a close. We woke up to a fully cooked barbeque breakfast, featuring our trusty engineer, Hitchy (the Man), demonstrating how to fry eggs Young Endeavour style (on the rolling deck in 2 metre swell). Proving to be a little too rocky for our liking, we elected to eat breakfast below deck in the comfort of the café!! It would be a shame not to mention the delicious scones served by Ash for morning tea, yumm.

Morning brief featured Salty Phil, Ash and Trevor demonstrating the origin of the word ‘heads’ for bathrooms on a ship. While we are still not sure if its true, apparently it involved some brave, desperate, sailors hanging off the figurehead of a ship. Following morning brief, Sail Master Tommo decided that, seeing as we enjoyed happy hour (our daily cleaning routine) so much, we should do it again!! This time more thoroughly lol. Readers will be relieved to note that we left the Young Endeavour in Ship Shape.

Following this Bill and Justin treated us to a round of Prisoner’s Dilemma Jeopardy style trivia where the crew had to decide whether to band together or fight for the honour of trivia winner. We had a simple (but no less brilliant) lunch of quiches, party pies, sausage rolls, spinach and ricotta triangles, and pumpkin soup which was much appreciated by all members of the crew, then set sails to head to our final destination of Cairns Harbour. Do you know why Tuna Fish don’t like to swim up past Townsville? because they end up in ‘Cairns!!’ (Thanks Mac).

After setting all the sails we undertook a final round of Ropeys, after a few very competitive rounds followed by a final all decisive round of a Zooper-Dooper eating race. After a beautiful sail to Cairns, we motored down past the harbour waving to our friends on British, Welsh, American, and Australian Navy vessels. After setting the anchor we had pizzas made by the Youth Crew followed by some conclusion presentations that were prepared during Command Day. From a sea shanty, a poem, and a slideshow it was a lovely way to conclude a massive journey.

Mac – Hello to Mum, Dad and Harriet! I have been having a wonderful time and have been enjoying learning how to sail, while seeing the beautiful coastline of North Queensland. I am feeling refreshed and am excited to see you guys when I am back on land. P.S Ella, I am still counting on a lift from the airport x

Kellie- Mother, Father and Esteemed Sibling; Morale is high. I am still breathing. Will see you when I come home next. Shiver me timbers.


16 56.4 S  / 145 46.9 E 


Currently anchored in Trinity Inlet and enjoying light 5-8kt SW winds with a few passing showers and nil swell.