Captain's Log
Voyage 11/23
12 July 2023

Day 9 – Command Day

Ahoy landlubbers and armchair sailors! If you’ve been following along, you’d know today is Command Day!

Wakey Wakey was at 6:30am which included a game of Ubuntu on the deck where Clem was the winner!

After a delicious breakfast courtesy of Haydo and the Master Chefs, we gathered for the Morning Brief followed by the happiest hour of them all, Happy Hour, which was unfortunately cut short by Command Day handover! Captain Libby reluctantly handed over the keys to the ship to our new Captain Trinity! The Staffies then began their holiday with a dive off the side of the boat from Matt, Seb and Mother Theresa, and the Youthies came to the realisation they were in control for the next 24 hours.

A list of tasks was given to the Youthies which included going back to Middle Percy Island where we spent the afternoon yesterday. While we were there we had to try and find the navigation instructions to see where we were setting sail to. One of our restrictions for the day was no engines, so the team of 6 were required to row over and back.

The Youthies were also enlightened to find out we could open the pool and use the rope swing! There were some screams, backflips and one back flop but mother nature cut the fun short as the weather closed in again.

Starting on more tasks, we had to build a hammock to hold all Youthies for a photo, which was a success. After the completion of that task, we weighed anchor, and set sail for our destination aided by the strong winds.
Down below the Cheffies had prepared a themed Mexican dinner which was enjoyed by all.

From dinner we then proceeded to start our night watches, while mother nature is currently back on our side, we are expected to reach our destination after a midnight tack where all Youthie hands are required on deck. If everything goes to plan, we are expected to reach our destination by 6 am tomorrow morning. Tune in tomorrow to find out how we went!

By Lucas, Mike and Sav


Lucas – To my family I will see you soon

Big Mike – To the Princess x

Sav – To Mitchell, I miss you x


21 18.2'S / 149 59.1'E


Partly Cloudy, Wind SE 15-20 Kts, Swell SE 1m