Captain's Log
Voyage 11/23
8 July 2023

Day 5 – Lady Musgrave Island!

Ahoy there and welcome to Day 5 of the Captain’s Log for Voyage 11/23!

The morning started off like many others on this voyage – rocky, windy and with a few of us still feeding the fish. After a long night of watches, we were very grateful when Chucky mentioned in his morning brief that we would be anchoring overnight at Lady Musgrave Island and going ashore for the first time in five days…needless to say, we were rather excited to hug a tree.

Following rotational tacks (where we learnt what other watches do at tacking stations), we finally anchored just in time for the completion of the happiest hour of them all – HAPPY HOUR!

Once we all successfully arrived on Lady Musgrave Island, we were all keen to get back into the water for some snorkelling despite only just having spent the last five days longing for dry land.

Although it was a little chilly, the water was reasonably clear with some of us finding blue starfish, stingrays, and many different kinds of fish as well as turtles and sharp coral.

Youthies and Staffies alike enjoyed a barbeque on the deck as well as a dance party to celebrate the occasion of Trinity’s birthday! Captain Libby busted out her secret shuffle moves, impressing all, including the Staffies! The Youthies whipped out some of our best dance moves including the Macerana and the Nutbush before ending the night with the ABBA hit Dancing Queen and watching a school of fish being chased by what we believe to be a shark.

After a brief from Seb and Charlotte about keeping the ship safe at anchor, we will now settle in to anchor watches overnight as we look forward to what tomorrow brings!


Lucy – To my family – miss you guys and can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Clem – To Mum, Dad, Coco and Leo, Miss you guys x

Tommy – To my family and friends

Trinity – To Mum and my brother Seb – I had a good birthday and can’t wait to celebrate with you x

Felix – To my Nan and Grandpa – Goodnight x 11

Ferni – Girls, look after Mummy and Baby. Love and cuddles


23 53.6'S / 152 23.7'E


Sunny, Wind S 5-10Kts