Captain's Log
Voyage 11/23
5 July 2023

Day 2 – Seamanship training!

Ahoy there landlubbers, armchair sailors and salty sea pups in training! It’s Day 2!

For those eagle eyed armchair sailors among us who noted our position overnight, yes we are still in Brisbane! A bit of a false start due to the weather yesterday but have no fear, our crafty Staffies are keeping everyone on track with plenty to learn whilst we’re alongside today!

It began with a bright and early 0630 wakey-wakey from Sail Master Chucky and Early Morning Activity on the deck. We then headed below for a delicious breakfast and to get ready for the day. At 0800 we had our first Morning Brief introducing a few segments we’ll see each morning including: the Daily Plan from Chucky, a weather update and some local knowledge from Nav Seb and the ever popular “Chat with Matt”.

Finally, it was my time to steal the spotlight and deliver my CO’s brief. Letting the Youthies know a bit more about what they can expect from the voyage and encouraging them all to make the most of their time and challenge themselves!

Our trusty Watch Leaders then took charge for setting and furling drills on the fore and aft staysails. Setting and furling turned out to be hungry work, so lucky Haydo and his Master Chefs Felix, Cooper and Brooklyn had whipped us up a delicious lunch including fresh baked bread rolls!
After a quick break to let our carb loaded stomachs settle, we headed up for a comprehensive safety brief from our resident Safety expert Theresa. Then we turned to a few more rounds of setting and furling drills including a Staffies demo.
In the time left before Dinner, Sail Master Chucky gave us the opportunity to lay aloft again. This time we could choose to climb out on a yard or up to the Topgallant on the Foremast or to climb the Mainmast. Dinner came all too soon but after a serve of Haydo’s top notch Golden Dumplings we had plenty of energy for our first round of Rope Races and finished off the evening with some more climbing.

It’s been an actioned packed day and the fun doesn’t stop here. We’ll be having our first experience with Watches, keeping the ship safe overnight!
Tune in tomorrow to see how we went. Until then, stay safe friends! Captain Libby+


27 26.7'S / 153 04.1'E


Sunny, Wind W 5-10Kts