Captain's Log
Voyage 10/23
27 June 2023

Day 8 – Command Day

We started our day with another of Haydo’s great breakfasts. After that we had Colours, which is where re raise the flags on the boat at 0800 hours. Following Morning Brief, we went into our favourite time of the day, Happy Hour! where we got down and cleaned the ship from fore to aft.

Continuing after scrubbing our ship we had Opposites, which was a new thing for us today where those of us who got a role for the special day went to talk to the Staffies about their jobs and to see how they should do it. Because yes today was a special day, indeed it was Command Day!

1000 hours hit and the ship was ours! CO Jono took control of the boat as we sat at anchor off Mooloolaba. Soon after that we went a landing team off to row the few miles to shore to find some nav instructions. While that team was rowing, we all got to enjoy lunch from the 3 Youthie Chefs, then we continued with the day with some laying aloft to sea furl the square sails as we started to tick off some of our Command Day tasks.

Once the last person had finished aloft, we got out the rope swing and lilypad, and had the chance to splash around in the Pool(sea), swinging off the ship, or jumping off the bowsprit at the very front of the boat! We had a lot of fun as we got to take a load off and relax.

Further on in the day, as we were awaiting dinner, we started on our rope hammock which had to hold 25 people (which is a lot!). All of us together, with all the knowledge we have learnt so far, tying knots to make it hold together.

For dinner we had a Mexican night with nachos, lamb ribs and spicy chicken, everyone really enjoyed it! The Chefs also made us dance for our dinner, judging our attempt at some salsa moves before we could eat.

Time to go back on watch and try to achieve more tasks overnight!

Until next time! Riley and Ally

Ally typing here – I wanted to also say Happy Birthday to my brother who is turning 18 today! I hope you had a good birthday even though I wasn’t there this year. I’ll make it up when I get back home 🙂


26 31.6'S / 153 09.7'E


Clear, Wind SW 5-10Kts, Swell SE 0.5-1m