Captain's Log
Voyage 09/23
12 June 2023

Day 1 – Welcome back Ambassadors!

Ahoy shipmates, landlubbers and armchair sailors, welcome to the Captain’s Log for Voyage 09/23. A lovely, sunny afternoon welcomed the 24 Returnee Youth Crew Ambassadors who joined the ship from all over Australia, alongside HMAS Waterhen Naval Base in Waverton.

I welcomed our new shipmates onboard once again, then introduced my skilled and experienced staff crew for this voyage…


Co-Captain – Libby,

Sail Master – Tomo.

Navigator – Trev.

Boats Officer – Chucky.

Red Watch Leader – Christine.

White Watch Leader – Matty.

Blue Watch Leader – Sara.

Green Watch Leader – Hutchy.

Chef – Ash.

Engineers – Mick and Shaun.

Friends and family members then departed the ship and we cast off lines, slipping out into the harbour. Watch Leaders led ice breaker activities as the ship made it’s way under the bridge and into our anchorage position in Athol Bay, just off Taronga Zoo.


Here’s Ambassadors Carolyn and Tiarna to describe events of the evening:

Ahoy everyone, we have had a wonderful first night on board meeting our new crew of 24 returnee sailors. We had a beautiful sunset over Sydney Harbour followed by a delicious dinner of salmon, ravioli, chicken pastry parcels and cheesecake! We were lucky enough to go on a free vivid harbour cruise experience after dinner and loved looking at all the lights while getting to know each other. We are now at anchor, readying ourselves for a night of 1-hour anchor watches before an exciting day of climbing and sailing tomorrow! I think we all agree that it is amazing to have this opportunity to get back on board the ship and sail again. We are beyond excited.

Carolyn – shoutout to my family and friends!!

Tiarna – Hi Mum, Dad, Serafina and Isaac ! I am already having the best time, can’t wait to tell you all about it!!


Stay safe everyone. Until tomorrow night, Captain Adam Charlie Farley out+