Captain's Log
V08B/22 Geelong to Sydney
16 April 2022

Day 8 – Command Day

Ahoy Mates!
Today the youthies rose with excitement and eagerness. Its command day! After a lovely wakeup call of “If I had a Hammer” by Sam Cook, everyone mustered on the bridge for the final brief before the handover of the ship. At 1000, Declan, our elected captain was gifted the keys to the ship, whilst the staff performed a lovely version of “We’re going on a summer holiday”. And thus, command day commenced!

The day started off with riddles to find the navigation waypoints, with the cryptic clues leading the youthies to climb both of the masts, paddle to the nearest beach and hunt for an X that marked the spot. A task sheet was issued, with over 25 tasked to be completed by the end of the 24 hours. This list included various tasks ranging in difficulty, and consisted of tasks such as the following;

• [Spoilers deleted by the actual Captain! They’ll tell you about them later 😉 ]

This command day was also commemorated by achieving the milestone of all the youthies laying aloft across the foremast yards and having a photograph taken. A Mexican themed dinner was prepared by the wonderful chefs and was a hit with all. After a few minor hiccups, we were finally on our way, ready to begin a long night of watches, navigating and setting/furling sails in order to reach our destination.

We are now in full command of the ship, and not going to lie, we are all a little bit nervous. Nevertheless, we trust in our newfound abilities and each other too successfully to sail the ship back into Sydney harbor.

Hope everyone back home isn’t missing us too much, we don’t really want to come home yet.

Special shoutout to our family’s, the Boundy’s, the Sutherland’s and the Searle’s, because their amazing kids wrote this.


33 50 S / 151 16 E


Weather: Wet. Wind: 180 @ 5-10.