Captain's Log
V08B/22 Sydney to Sydney
12 April 2022

Day 4 – Northbound

Ahoy dear readers, great day in JB today with briefings and training, culminating in tacking stations prior to departing JB and proceeding northbound, as we are now, for Broken Bay.

Our Youth Crew are slowly maturing from salty sea puppies into salty sea dogs, ladies and gents. You would be very proud. We will remain at sea overnight conducting navigation training as well as a nice team building activity… Anyway, please enjoy tonight’s CLog by guest CLoggers, Lotus and Frederic.


We started off the day with overnight anchor watches in trios where we got to meet and know crewmates from other watches. After breakfast, we completed our usual morning routine of singing the national anthem, raising flags and morning brief. We dived straight into happy hour, then onto navigation lecture with our navigator Emma.


The navigation lecture was both informative and fun. We learnt two methods of positioning, one using latitude and longitude, and another using range and bearings to land, mapping as well as figuring out the direction we should be heading, the direction we are actually heading, and how to get back on course if we have detracted. Just after we finished, we were duly surprised with a fire drill. As we mustered on deck, we were able to witness Emma and Matty in full fire fighter gear, sweating their skins off. After this surprise drill we were able to move on to some square sails unfurling where all three watches pitched in and by working together, we managed to unfurl the topgallant sail, topsail and course sail.


We had a lovely lunch, the options were vege noodles, turkey toastie and beef pies. Thanks to Jenko and our masterchefs of today. After lunch we had our first ever rope race where we got tested on boating knowledge. We had a bonus round which we had to tie our shoes together and hoist them like a flag up to the top. We are happy inform you that White Watch (i.e. our watch) came out on top for that round, thanks to our strategist Sara and her quick-witted thinking of using one shoe lace to string up all the shoes, and also all our white-watch teammates.


Following the rope-races, we were able to set sail and make way out of Jervis Bay. Then it was time for the highly anticipated tacking practice where we had to change direction of the sails. Everyone was highly focused and did a marvellous job, we only had to practise twice before we’re ready to sail into open seas, back into the wild!

After tacking practice, we had some down time before dinner. Some played games, some were chatting, some daring souls sat at the very front of the ship while waves ‘crashed’ around them and others sought challenges by climbing the masts. We are back to the 4 hour night watches today so it was great that we had some time to relax and recharge prior to our watches. At quarter past five, we were treated to a delicious dinner by Jenko’s team again. We had to take over from Red Watch straight after dinner for a two hour watch until 1945 (had to use nautical language). Now is ten past seven, we’ll go back to our watch. That’d be all for today folks, tune back in tomorrow.


Shout out to Anja, Abby and Shady (most beautiful dog in the whole wide world)
Lotus & Frederic


38 50 S – 147 46 E /


Weather: Fine. Wind: 200 @ 5kts. Swell: 215 @ 0.5m. Temp: 16.