Captain's Log
V08/22 Sydney to Sydney
11 April 2022

Day 3 – Hugging trees in Jervis Bay

G’day my Pirate Followers!

We started off day 3 sailing towards Jervis Bay on open seas, the Sydney skyline no longer in sight. Starting at 0700, the crew tired from the night watch duties, woke with big grins and much excitement. After a hearty breakfast, cooked by the renowned chef Jenko, we soon sailed into the protection of Jervis Bay and dropped anchor. With fair winds and calmer swell, the crew succeeded in the first challenge of the Young Endeavour: To get one’s sea legs!

Working hard under the instruction of watch leaders we set the main sail and “2, 6, HEAVE” was the common phrase of the day. All watches Red, White and Blue have started to show their strengths in sailing and began to truly appreciate this great ship.


The hard work displayed by the youth, was rewarded with a well-earned break of going ashore. They then proceeded to dramatically touch solid land, the one thing they had been missing over the last 3 days. Some more excited than others, when it was time to go back to the ship, some still clung to the land. During our time ashore there were many activities such as dodgeball, soccer and group team bonding exercises. But most of all everyone was glad to have a nice and relaxing swim.


On our return to the boat, we began a bonding exercise in which three crew members were randomly placed in teams. This began the process of closely knitting the crew together, learning some facts and background knowledge of each other which was previously unknown.


Later that night, the youthie’s in their groups of three had to awkwardly perform the new information gained, with a twist. They presented this in first person of another member of the group. This led to a hilarious performance, gaining laughs and new insights, from all aboard.


Tonight as we write this log, the first anchor watch is soon to commence, many ecstatic about the responsibility and the confidence they will gain by looking after the ship overnight by themselves! Goodnight and God bless.


Signed the new sailor buddies Dylan and Finn !


PS HEY Trevor, Mick, Michelle, Michelle


39 00 S / 146 26 E


Weather: Fine. Wind: Light and variable. Swell: Nil. Temp: 18.