Captain's Log
Voyage 08/23
18 April 2023

Day 8 – Command Day (part 1)

Ahoy there! Captain JJ here, welcome to day 8. This morning, the shipmates woke up excited and ready for the command day which commenced at 1000 where Captain Adam Charlie Farley handed his keys to the youthies to take command of the ship for 24 hours. To start off with, youthies were given a list with 22 challenges to complete before 1000 the following morning.

To kick it off, we made a Rapid Response Beach Assault Team which was then sent to shore to retrieve the Navigation instructions. Then the crew produced an epic chalk mural at midships depicting the voyage so far. A hammock big enough to hold all the youth crew was built after many knots were tied. To end our time at anchor for the day, a photo was taken with all the youthies up on the mast to cross another challenge off the list.

As the ship left Broken Bay, all the youthies took to their roles including joining their new watches, Fruit Loops, Coco Pops and Weetbix. They began by setting the mainstaysail, forestaysail, mainsail, jib and topgallant staysails.

We are now setting our watches overnight, working together to get the ship to our next destination under the full power of the wind. Taking to heart the first quote Captain Adam Charlie Farley gave us to start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible and pretty soon we will be doing the impossible.



33 41 S / 151 28 E


Weather: Fine. Wind: NE @ 10kts. Swell: SE @ 0.2m. Temp: 17.