Captain's Log
Voyage 08/23
17 April 2023

Day 7 – Hungry Beach

Ahoy dear readers, the morning of day 7 found the ship sailing towards Broken Bay having spent the night at sea conducting teamwork exercises and consolidation of skills in preparation for Command Day. At 0800 myself and Hoppy the engineer took each watch through sail handling validation to assess their competence and safety, and pleasingly they all passed with flying colours.

This then led into Captain’s Challenge whereby I challenged them to set a sail plan which would involve everyone working together to set sails, climb to cast loose gaskets, as well as bracing the yards. These are all tasks they have completed individually with Watch Leaders taking charge… This time they were required to do it, all together, without staff involvement. Again, they were successful in completing the challenge inside the allocated time frame. Well done youthies! This activity is designed, not only as a taster of what’s to come during Command Day, but also for youth crew to assess leadership abilities and other skills and attributes, which will come in handy tonight during Command Day elections.

On completing the Captain’s Challenge we proceeded into Broken Bay, eating lunch enroute to our anchorage, in the vicinity of the lovely, Hungry Beach, part of the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. Once at anchor, the seaboat was launched to transport youthies ashore to explore and play some games on the beach. On their return, Ash’s famous Asian Buffet was demolished in record time, then I gathered youth crew to present the Command Day brief before handing over to them to conduct their elections. In short Command Day will commence at 1000 Tue 18th and complete 24 hours later. They will have a list of various tasks to achieve, as well as Navigation and Sailing Instructions to follow. They will indeed need to work together, using each others strengths to their advantage, to achieve the mission.

I now have the pleasure to announce the following elected positions: Captain – Johlee ‘JJ’ Masters, Sailmaster – Sam, Navigator – Libby, Watch Officer – Alice, Watch Leaders – Hamish, Dylan and Luke, and Chefs – Felisha, Olivia and Keira. Congratulations everyone, I know you will serve your shipmates well and be successful in your Command Day endeavours.

Then we set up the projector screen under the stars and showed our favourite movie, ‘Around Cape Horn’. Youth crew will now turn-to anchor watches and keep us safe overnight, so we can all sleep soundly in preparation for a massive day tomorrow.

Tune in tomorrow night to see how our salty sea-dogs fared, on day one of their Command Day.

Until then, keep safe. Captain Adam Charlie Farley+



33 34 S / 151 16 E


Weather: Fine. Wind: SW @ 5kts. Swell: Nil. Temp: 16.