Captain's Log
Voyage 08/23
16 April 2023

Day 6 – Patonga peregrination

Welcome readers to CLOG 6 written by Marcus and Manu.

Our day began with a luscious view of trees, beaches and water that complemented our breakfast, which we ate on the upper deck of the ship. Our view didn’t just serve as eye candy, as we then ventured onto dry land in Patonga, Broken Bay.

The cafe that topped the beach served us with fresh coffee, cookies and milkshakes. The sound of waves eased our minds, helping us to focus as we reflected on our goals and progress with our Watch Leader. We also played a few games before heading back to the ship for lunch.

After lunch we weighed anchor, then our focus was shifted onto Captain Adam Charlie Farley’s presentation on the interaction between sails and the wind, in a sail theory briefing before setting sails and tacking the ship a few times, in demonstration for all youth crew to witness from the bridge.

We then harnessed our newly learnt knowlege and worked as a team to sail away from the setting sun. We then shifted into watches and will sail overnight to fine tune our skills in preparation for Command Day in a couple of days.

Another adventurous and jam-packed day has taken it’s toll, as we are most definitely going to sleep soundly tonight.

Sleep well everybody.

Marcus and Manu.



33 35 S / 151 39 E


Weather: Fine. Wind: SW @ 20kts. Swell: S @ 1m. Temp: 17.