Captain's Log
Voyage 08/23
15 April 2023

Day 5 – JB to Broken Bay

Argh!! Ahoy there, I like the cut of your jib.

Today has been an epic day, with a 360-degree view complete with clear skies, all day, for the very first time (a few joyful tears were shed)! We continued sailing north and, after a short stop in Manly, sails were set and tacks were made with the all the youthies beginning to work as a well-oiled machine. Sadly, one million tacks later, Sail Master Tomo announced we were facing the wrong direction (we’re questioning his true intentions…) but with some quick minds on board, we were set back on course for Broken Bay. The salty seadogs were amazed to see the astonishing amount of jellyfish surrounding the entire vessel, many of whom saw them from aloft.

On our journey to Broken Bay, Chucky ‘the Hero’ enlightened us all on ‘The Rules of the Road’, learning what different marker buoys mean and good sea etiquette. Ropeys continued after lunch with a very fierce competition brewing between the watches, although we swiftly came to a general consensus that catching eggs is crackingly hard! As we anchored in our cozy spot for the night we were delighted to find out the wonderful Ash had a surprise for dinner! A BBQ manned by the wholesome Hoppy on deck, with cheese boards and fruit platters to start it off right, we moved quickly through mains and obviously onto some icecream.

Our final activity of the day required us to reflect on our progress throughout the voyage, five days in, and so we shared a few thoughts with our watch, around who we want to be as young people moving forward.

We will remain at anchor off Patonga overnight with youthies in anchor watches.

Until next time, cheerio. Alice, Brittney, Dylan.



33 33 S / 151 16 E


Weather: Fine. Wind: N @ 5-10kts. Swell: E @ 0.5m. Temp: 17.