Captain's Log
Voyage 07/23
2 April 2023

Day 7 – Sea To Hawkesbury River

The day started getting flogged by rain and wind, red watch (the best watch) took the extra hour of watch caused by day light savings on the chin, smashing through the early hours of the morning with a 0245 waking. The conditions where brutal but morale was high, with a keen group attitude raising with the winds. Our awesome chef Haydo cooked up his specialty breakky with his fresh breads rolls which was enjoyed by many, fuelling the vigour of the youthies on board to conquer the captain’s assessments of the sails. The sun flew by as some napped and others played cards, ending with some tacking drills and a cruisy sail away from the high seas into a nesting opposite Patonga up the Hawkesbury River. Jenna conquered her goal to climb the main sail, aided by members of the red watch to tie gaskets on the main sail, admiring the cliffs of the central coast from up high. Erik lost his mind, mullet flying in the wind, we had to tie him to the mast for everyone’s safety. The sun fell to sleep as the youthies bought on-board some politics and elected roles in anticipation of running the ship for command day, ready to bring on the home stretch into Sydney’s harbour.

– Ollie


Today is day 7, officially a full week on board The Young Endeavour, so far it has been a long ride and experience. Today Blue watch was up at 0001 for a gut’s watch, we didn’t have the best weather conditions as it was freezing cold and raining like crazy. We then had to do a set of challenges to prepare us for command day which will be tomorrow (day 8). Our watch didn’t end till 0400. Then I skipped breakfast and then had an evolution where we had to set and furl 2 sails, the main staysail and the fore staysail. Blue watch did very well as we were able to do both sails without many mistakes. Later on in the night we had a vote for command day, I wanted to be the Youth captain for Command day, but I ended up going to a draw with Chris (A ship mate) and then we voted again, I didn’t get captain and like everyone who loses in life I was very very, disappointed due to the fact he said that he wanted to be captain to put on his resume, but it is what it is. I ended up getting Watch officer which is when the captain is not on watch I run the ship. Overall this has been a great experience so far and can’t wait to see my family and friends again when I’m home. Lucky last we will be sailing to Sydney from here where we will have a community day where 80 or so guest will be on the ship and we will show them how it is done and how we run things. Still can’t wait to see my family.



SOS send help their holding us against our will, we’ve been taken to somewhere in what we suspect to be New Zealand. Please help us we’ve been made to work without food or water and running out of time, all pictures were fabricated and we were forced to pose with happy smiles and shukkas. The Navigator forced his lingo on us with terms like gibbas and the sailmaster makes us participate in an un holy and gruelling event known as “Happy Hour” every morning. We haven’t been allowed to contact our families or anyone. Send HELP – Erik