Captain's Log
Voyage 07/23
30 March 2023

Day 4 – Flinders Island to Sea

Ahoy there,

The Youth crew woke up this morning bright and early after completing their overnight anchor watches. YE was anchored in the beautiful Blythe Bay, Flinders Island.

Starting off with the morning with colours, we raised the Australian flag and Ensign while singing the national anthem. Followed by the morning brief, captain’s inspirational quote of the day, the daily agenda and then straight into ‘Happy ½ Hour’: cleaning stations!

Before weighing anchor the youthies participated in the squares brief before climbing the foremast to cast loose the gaskets on the squares. It was challenging as the swell was 1 metre high and very unpredictable.

By lunch time we had weighed anchor and set the sails, which was made easy, thanks to our amazing chef Haydo who fuelled us with delicious sausage rolls and hot dogs before we entered the Bass Strait.

The rest of the afternoon was spent sailing through the Bass Strait, which we soon learnt was not easy. As we continued to sail the swell and winds grew leading to every youthie clipping onto the ship for safety.

By 14:00 travesty hit with the course sail getting slightly damaged, leading to all three watches jumping into action to clew up the course sail. 4 youthies were then selected to climb the foremast in order to tie up the gaskets.

As the night continued on and everyone tried to settle down for the early evening, we soon learnt it was going to be a long rolling night – as dinner proved challenging. It didn’t seem to want to stay on the table!

The night watches have now started with White watch at 18:00, due to the weather it will be all hands on watch as the sails have to be furled in challenging conditions. The night will continue with broken sleep while changing watches, moving into early morning.

Tomorrow will consist of ongoing sailing through along the VIC and NSW coasts, where hopefully we can anchor south of Sydney by night fall.

Emilie says hi to her family and friends and misses them very much (but is having so much fun!), Ariyah says she’s having a blast but she’s missing Alby and Molly says happy 16th birthday to her brother Charlie.

Goodnight and sleep well,

Emilie and Ariyah.