Captain's Log
Voyage 06/23
21 March 2023

Day 8 – Last night onboard

Ahoy there dear readers. I’ll just leave this here…

The time has come; mother-nature got her paint pallet out tonight and gave us a stunning send off as tears were shed over final goodbyes. The youthies have been dancing through the night, shouting chants up to the night sky and reminiscing on our favourite memories. Although there have been too many core memories to count, we’ve compiled a short list of our favourite moments.

Jess- The dolphins racing us through the waves and Haydo’s legendary dinners.

Liam- Meeting everyone and learning new skills and the bonding experiences.

Joe- Everyone accepting me for who I am.

Holly- This trip as a whole has been the best thing I’ve ever done in my entire life, but the best part was climbing the mast to see the sunrise.

Zoe- Climbing the mast with Hannah when the swell was big and seeing all the dolphins.

Ben- Rocking out with the crew on watches and in-between 

Clara- Getting to know everyone, because they’re all so amazing and the sunrise climbs were so cool.

Sarah- Pushing myself to limits I didn’t think I could, like climbing the mast or the giant rope swing.

Madi – Hallway parties during happy hour and doing the rope swing with good people.

Miki – Meeting these incredible people who will forever hold a special place in my heart. They have shaped me into a better person. The love for them has no bounds.

April – Making new friends and all growing together as well as becoming so close to then end with the sickest deck party!

Ava – Meeting amazing people, getting to know each other and becoming close. Also the most awesome deck party EVER!!!!

Will – Doing a flip off the rope swing, climbing to the top of the mast, and meeting all these amazing people.

Hannah – Watching people from all different places get along so well and band together in all the challenges. Seeing the dolphin’s race against the bow from the mast was pretty cool too.

Hugo – Meeting all these amazing people and climbing the mast with Tayah and Sumo at sunrise while being followed by dolphins.

Riley – Having the best party with my mates and being chucked up on from above when climbing down from the foremast.

Justin – Watching the sea of stars on the open ocean with my crewmates on the midnight watch.

Chloe – spending time with all of the amazing people I have grown to know and love on board.

Wassa – It has been so amazing to see everyone get involved in trying all activities and supporting those to push themselves out of their comfort zones to expand their horizons of what they are capable of.

I sit here now, wondering how to express my upmost gratitude for the people dancing outside into words. In just over a week we have formed life-long connections. Thanks to the team building exercises, the exhausting missions and the incredible Young Endeavour team working endlessly to guarantee the fun and learning never stops, we will sleep well tonight (after a long night of partying). On behalf of V06/23, thank you Youth Endeavour Youth Scheme for the most incredible voyage of a lifetime.

Youth Crew of V06/23+